Bubbles, Books, & Blocks

My morning with the boyz consisted of building garages with blocks, blowing bubbles in our DR for them to pop, and then having them pick books for me to read to them.  Overall, I think it was a fairly good morning… some discipline issues, but that is the life with toddlers.  I find that I enjoy building things with blocks, Legos, or train tracks.  I guess that’s a good thing since I have three boys! 😉

Sore Throat and Sniffles

It’s the cold season again; though, this year has been easier on our family than last year.  The boys are finishing their second round of colds — this time less severe than the first time.  I have had a sore throat since yesterday evening.  I am so glad that spring is almost here, when the days are warmer and the germs less  rampant.

Many Words

Drew has been increasing his vocabulary on at least a weekly basis. This morning as I was trying to put him in his high chair, he said, “I do it myself.” He has also been heard to say, “This too heavy,” “I want to get up in my chair,” “I poopy,” “I want this book,” “I want this Bible,” etc…

Books At (Almost) Three Months

I have been reading aloud to Luke every day — particularly knowing how studies have shown how important it is to read to, not just toddlers, but infants too.  Luke appears to be as interested in books as his older(s) brother(s).  Will, in particular, loved books at an early age.  I read six books to Luke this afternoon, and he was mesmerized during the reading of all six books.  He definitely has an attention span that can handle looking at several books at one time.

The Mischief Of Mice

A little furry critter has been heard scurrying around in our attic all winter, skillfully avoiding the bait traps we have laid for its demise. Because of its location, we have not worried a lot about its presence until yesterday… When I went to my cupboard to pull some food, to my great displeasure I beheld the evidence of a mouse’s meal. With a hurry and scurry of activity, Lysol was sprayed, the cupboards were emptied and cleaned, and the vacuum cleaner was run. Lining the door of the food closet with food traps, my husband and I fell into bed after 11:00 p.m.

Expectantly, I entered my kitchen in the morning hours and saw no culprit caught but a new trail of evidence of a prowling mouse. My stove was its new habitat. With more spritzing of Lysol and scrubbing of counter tops, the stove, and the dishes drying nearby, I finally joined my sons to eat breakfast.

This is one visitor we could do without!

Busy Boy Bodies

I decided to keep our boys quite busy by exercising their bodies and minds.  Never mind the blustery weather outside, we bundled up in boots and coats and trudged outside.  Using buckets and shovels, the boys built mud piles.  Then with a mad dash, the boys climbed up the playground equipment to get on the slide.  With a swoosh, the boys landed on their bottoms and jumped up to repeat another run to the slide.  Tired of sliding, the boys asked to play baseball.  Mommy collected the necessary bat and ball, and the boys, with Mommy’s assistance, took turns batting the ball.  The fun ended when a wrestling match ensued over the ball stand and one little boy bumped his lip against his teeth.  Mommy quickly cleaned up the blood and started a game involving colors.  The boys were to collect a toy with the color that Mommy called out.  Then, once they had a pile each of various colors, they could play with their chosen items.  When arguing began over each other’s toys, Mommy intervened and brought out crayons and coloring books.  While the older boys colored, Mommy and Luke had fun playing with infant toys.  Luke also enjoyed belly time on a play mat.  When the crayons started to be thrown around and being disrobed from their wrappers, Mommy pulled out the Lego blocks to build a barn.  The barn was soon finished, and the boys hungry.  With requests for more food, Mommy made repeated trips to the kitchen to feed her busy boys’ bodies.  Boredom set in, and Mommy prepared the boys for naps.  And for now, that is where we will end…

Good Job!

Before we eat, our family likes to pray to thank the Lord for our good food He provides. The boys also like to pray. Normally after the boys pray, we praise them for wanting to pray by saying, “Good job!” Today after I finished praying, Will said, “Good job, Mommy!” Not to be outdone, Drew immediately copied his brother by saying his own rendition of “Good job!”

Taking My Shovel to Work

This morning, Jonathan asked Drew if Drew could go to work for him. Drew said, “I need shovel.” A little later while we were eating breakfast, Jonathan said that he was leaving for work. Drew immediately piped up and said,”…shovel.”

(When it had recently snowed, Jonathan had taken the boys outside to shovel the sidewalks. Drew remembers the work of shoveling.) In his case, he needs to take his shovel to work.

“Will You Take Me To A-B-C-E?”

Will has been wanting to ride on a rocking horse in our attic. I took him to ride on it today.  He also wanted his daddy to take him for a ride on it.  This evening, I reminded Jonathan of Will’s desire by spelling out the word “R-I-D-E.” I didn’t want Drew to overhear and then be sad that Daddy and Will were having special time without him. Will picked up on my spelling and then said, “Will you take me to A-B-C-E?” (As a follow up, Jonathan showed Will the letters of the alphabet to remind him of their order and that we were spelling words. I reminded him that we use words to talk and that the letters spell the words.)