Can’t Think of a Good Title

Tonight as I was putting Luke to bed, I was singing to him “Jesus Loves Me.”  As I was singing, he pointed up to the ceiling.  I asked him if he was pointing to Jesus.  He said, “No.”  I asked him why he was pointing up to the ceiling then.  He said very distinctly, “I don’t know.”  I laughed and asked him again, “You don’t know why you were pointing up to the ceiling?”  He said again, “No, I don’t know why.”

“I Can Sing!”

This weekend as we were driving to visit family, the boys were singing the following lines:

Will sang, “You can’t sing.”

Drew replied in song: “I can sing. I can sing.  I can sing.”

Will sang back, “No, you can’t.”

Drew sang again, “Yes, I can sing.  I can sing.  I can sing.”

(Amusing to hear)

Singing Son

Will was singing in the car when we got home from church tonight.  He made up his own song about “Who made the trees?  Who made the grass? …”  It’s great to hear him then say, “God did!”  Ah, so sweet to hear praise from the mouth of little ones!

Singing Sons

My boys love to sing!  Yesterday in the car, Drew was singing Jesus Loves the Little Children.  Later that day, he also sang Happy Birthday to himself, then to Will, and finally to Daddy.  Will could also be heard singing, “Jesus loves me.  Jesus is in my heart.  Jesus is in my heart… Jesus is in my heart…”  How precious!