Pregnancy Comments

I don’t know how many of you ladies have heard these comments, but these have all literally been said to me.  I have gotten to the point that I just want to laugh because it’s kind of ridiculous.  Okay, sometimes, I feel a little offended.  So, enjoy and laugh along…

“Wow!  You’re fat!  At least it’s for a good reason.”

“You’re huge!  I never got that big!”

“Are you sure the doctor didn’t get the dates wrong?”

“Are you sure you aren’t expecting twins?”

“You still have seven weeks to go?!!”

“You keep growing every time I see you.”

“That’s quite the belly.”

Peanut Butter Steps

The other night, the boys were given a late night snack of peanut butter on crackers.  One little boy managed to drop his upside down on the steps as he was carrying it upstairs — not my idea — before anyone judges me as being a negligent mommy.  🙂  Daddy went to get a paper towel to clean it up and found a wet spot where the peanut butter had been.  He said, “Oh, you cleaned it up.”  Lukey replied, “Yes, I licked it.”  Amazing that our kids stay as healthy as they do.  Maybe all those antibodies are doing some good?

In Ketchup?!!!

So tonight as Luke was eating his supper, he kept pushing on his bare chest and particularly his nipples.  I guess he had never noticed them before.  (It’s been so warm here lately that I have let the boys run around without shirts.) Anyway, Luke finally asked, “What are these?”  To which I replied, “They are nipples.”  He then said, “I don’t like them.”  I asked him why.  He responded:  “Because I don’t want them here.”  I asked him, “Where do you want them?”  He said, “I want them in the ketchup.”  Uhm…  Okay then.