I went upstairs to get the boys up from naps and smelled an odor that alerted me to a problem.  I discovered both boys had pooped — one in the little potty in the room and one in his nap-time diaper.  Both had attempted to wipe themselves by finding where I keep the extra rolls of toilet paper in the laundry room (off their room).  I found them standing on top the wash machine with a pile of dirty toilet paper scattered all over the floor and wash machine.  There was poop on their wall, floor, wash machine, and all over themselves.  One little boy had also peed on the carpet — don’t ask me why.

Ever since, we took the boys shopping for a toy to celebrate the fact they were potty-trained, they started having accidents again.  I am thinking we shouldn’t have given them toys.  We waited to reward them until we saw they had gone for weeks without any accidents.  Now, we are back to daily accidents.  Potty training is so incredibly frustrating and discouraging!


Today was another of the usual: MESSES!

I was in the next room and within eyesight of the boys, working on getting things together for the adult memory verse program at church.  I decided that the boys sounded a little too busy and happy to be good so I investigated.  Too much disgust, I found that they had gotten into two bottles of lotion under the kitchen sink and had poured it all over the carpet, table, toys, books. walls, their clothes, etc…  Ugh!  What a mess!

We Moved the Diaper Pail!

Last week, our diaper pail was permanently moved away from the changing table in Luke’s room.  The reason was because one evening Jonathan went to check on Luke after had been put in his bed and discovered that Luke had figured out how to open his diaper pail, had removed a dirty diaper from the pail, and had proceeded to cover himself in poop, along with his bedding and crib.  Needless to say, the diaper pail is no longer within reach of his crib.

Hot D-Son

A few nights ago while Hubs was rocking D-Son before bed, D-Son kept reaching inside his sleeve and pretending to pull something out and throw it on the floor.  When Hubs asked D-Son what he was doing, D-Son said, “I am getting rid of the hot and throwing it on the floor so I won’t be hot anymore.”

So Sweet

Upon seeing Will crying this morning, Luke walked over and gently patted Will.  Luke then reached up to Will’s face, gently touched it, and said, “He’s sa.”

I made a big deal over this, complimenting Luke profusely so that Drew came over and was soon giving Will lots of hugs too.

Not To Gross You Out, But…

Two funnies that Son-W1 recently said regarding potty times:

“Mommy, I get a lollipop too.”  Me: “Why?”  Son-W1: “Because Son-D and I shared the poop [in the potty].”  Me: “I don’t think so.   It can’t come out of both of your bodies.”

Second story:

Me: “Try to go potty.”  Son-W1: “I can’t.  The poop and pee is yelling inside me, ‘I don’t want to come out!  I can’t come out!'”

More Messes…

I entered the boys’ room Sunday morning to prepare them for church and found my son standing on top the wash. machine with a huge mess everywhere.  I had placed our cleaning products on top the wardrobe and on the top shelf of the cupboard (as high as you can get in the laundry room), but he still had managed to reach the products and had poured the bleach, Borax, and Oxyclean all over the floor, washing machine, sink, etc…  What a mess!  I didn’t get it all cleaned until the following day since Sunday was of course a very busy day.

The boys have also figured out how to undue the “hook ‘n eye” locks we have on their doors.  They juggle it long and hard enough until the hooks pop out.  Not cool since that means, I can’t keep them in their room, in the family room, out of the food pantry, out of the bathrooms, etc… if they want.  Boys!!!