Today With The Boys

Dear family,

Some of today’s joys from being home with my kids are the following:

1. making homemade peanut butter cookies and watching the boys devour them
2. giving lots of kisses to Luke’s forehead and cheeks
3. making jokes with Will and listening to him laugh because he
understands them
4. playing games with Will and Drew to teach them colors
5. listening to classical music and hearing Will say that he heard a
6. holding hands with the boys while they prayed for a friend’s Bible club
7. watching Will enjoy the simple pleasure of drinking from a water
8. feeling my baby’s tiny fingers wrap around my finger
9. listening to the boys’ feet tapping a happy dance in
their slippers
10. hearing the boys ask daddy to rock them
11. laughing with my husband over our playful “pups”, as we call them,
as they roll over the stack of sofa pillows on the floor
12. hearing my boys say “sorry” when they do something naughty
13. watching my boys hug after being told to apologize to each other
14. looking at my sweet baby, sleeping so peacefully
15. studying Romans 6 and 7 and being reminded to seek God’s strength
to be a patient and loving mommy
16. blowing on Will’s belly, per his request
17. holding my baby in my arms and feeling how perfectly he fits
18. hugging my husband and enjoying his sweet kisses
19. relishing the sweet daddy my boys have
20. cleaning up the toys of active, little boys
21. watching Will’s face “light up” when he sees me bring him a special treat when awaking him from his nap
22. listening to Drew laugh when I change his diaper
23. contentedly getting ready to clean my dishes, knowing the boys are
down for naps
24. smiling, as I think of how blessed I am to be able to stay at home
with my three little boys!
25. knowing it’s time to close so I can happily spend time with my husband

I really get to enjoy my sweethearts every day of the year — not just
Valentine’s Day!