Sparkling Snow

Yesterday, large fluffy snowflakes covered our yard and trees in a blanket of white. Now that the sun is shining, a million diamonds appear to be sparkling in our yard. How beautiful!

The boys had fun playing in the snow yesterday evening when their daddy took them out while I prepared supper. They love the snow! I enjoyed hearing their happy chatter and squeals of delight as they played.  I think I enjoyed my view better though — from the warm, cozy kitchen.

Ten Times

Today, I am 10 times Will’s age!  I will never be this many times his age again.  So far, my birthday has started out tiring.  I was up five times with the boys (once with Will and Drew and four times with Luke).  There is no sleeping in with little guys, and during their nap time, I will be grocery shopping.  I think my best birthday present would be a little more sleep.  Uhm!  Maybe, someone could put a “plug” in Luke’s ear.  🙂