What Are You Seeking?

You will find what you are seeking.

What are you seeking?

What you seek will orient the direction of your steps.

This applies in good and bad ways. If you are seeking trials, you will find them. If you are seeking offenses, you will find them. If you are seeking failure, you will find it. If you are seeking arguments to disprove something, you will find it.

On the other hand, if you are seeking God, you will find Him. If you are seeking evidence that He exists, you will find it. If you are seeking acts of kindness, you will find it. If you are seeking reasons for which to be thankful, you will find it. If you are seeking unity, you will find it — at least in your own heart.

What you seek after will also direct where you position yourself in action and attitude.

Body language experts know by watching the direction of a person’s body — especially their feet — they can tell whom that person trusts and/or likes the most. Words can say one thing, but their bodies might dictate another reality.

Want to know the heart of a person? Look at where their feet are headed.

(Thoughts the Lord gave me this past Sunday and that I shared with my kids…)

A Political Statement…

Areas where there is great contention or disagreement are areas of great importance.

You may disagree strongly with someone on the matter being contended, but never forget that there is more at stake than merely fighting over ketchup versus mustard.

There is always a reason and a major foundational truth being battled over that causes huge differences in opinions.

It is in these matters that we must not disengage, discount, or avoid difficult discussions. It is in these matters that we must know why we believe what we believe and be willing to stand on that critical belief with honor (within and towards others). Learn to disagree and stand for truth without needing to belittle someone else in the process.

If you stand on truth, you don’t need to “strengthen” your position by belittling or disrespecting another.

Learn to just stand on the truth; it’s fully capable of holding you up on its own.