Baby Concern

As I was listening to the news while driving the boys to school, the topic of abortion was mentioned.  (I have briefly discussed this with Will in particular before, and he has always been concerned for the babies and wanting to pray for them.)  Upon hearing this topic being discussed again, Will said, “Mommy, let’s pray for the babies in their mommies’ tummies and that they won’t be killed.”  “And a little child shall lead them…”

Tax Time

My dad came over a couple of days before the tax deadline.  The boys wanted to know what he was doing.  (Jonathan was helping him with Turbo Tax.)  When Will heard they were paying taxes, he said, “That’s like Mary and Joseph.  They went to Bethlehem to pay taxes.”

Banana Barette

Last week, I made a lot of chocolate chip banana bread for our church’s snack time.  The boys enjoyed snacking on slices while I was cutting the bread.  At one point, Drew asked, “Can I have a banana barrette?”  Us: “A what?”  Drew: “Banana barrette.”  Us: “Do you mean banana bread?”  Drew: “No.  Banana barrette.”  Us: “Honey, I think you mean banana bread.  You can have that.  No barrettes here.”


The boys were sick most of last week.  I fed the sick boys foods that are easy on the tummy.  It became the norm to hear, in spite of our many pronunciation corrections, “Mommy, can I have some gingerella?”  The boys insist that Ginger Ale is gingerella.


L-Son is quite the talker now.  Here are some of the latest things he’s said:

“My eyes hurt.  Something is in my eyes.”

“There’s something in my nose.”

“He hit me.”

“There are two doggies outside.”

“Two is on the floor.”  (meaning the second toy fell on the floor)

Easter Quotes

On Easter morning, I overheard a conversation between Will and Drew.  Will: “Drew, do you know what day this is?”  Drew: indistinct  Will: “Remember that Jesus died for our sins…  He healed the sick girl and helped people … He rose again!  …He made the stars, trees, animals… because He’s God!”