A New Way to “Clean” the Potty?

The other week, I sent my oldest son into the bathroom to go potty while I finished taking care of the two younger boys.  I heard suspicious sounds and went to inspect.  I found my son splashing water from the potty all over the toilet seat by using a toilet brush.   He said that he was cleaning the potty.

Fall Fun

Yesterday and the day before, the kids and I had a lot of fun going to a pumpkin patch.  The boys loved the huge slids, animals, hay ride, and hay maze.  The best part for them was picking out their own pumpkins.

Yesterday, the boys got to dress up in their police costume and fireman outfit for the harvest party.  Will refused to wear his, but Drew looked adorable as a little cop.  Maybe, he has a future there someday.

Boys Learn Banking

Today, I was telling the boys that they had earned some money for doing well on their chore and behavior charts.  Drew piped and said, “I can take my money to the bank.”  I guess he must have overheard some conversations at some point involving depositing money at the bank.  They learn quickly!

Sweet Siblings

It was very precious to watch two different interactions between our boys today that demonstrated kindness.  The first case was when we were outside playing.  Drew wanted to sit beside Luke and put his arm around Luke.  The other situation was when Drew bumped his head on the table.  Will came up to him and said, “It’s okay.” He kissed Drew and then said, “Now, do feel much better?”  So sweet!

Imaginary Instruments

Our boys have become quite the aspiring musicians.  The other day Will said, “Mommy, watch me.”  He then proceeded to take one long train track and hold it in the proper position of a violin and then took another long train track piece and used it like a bow playing across his violin strings to produce imaginary music.  Today, he and Drew both were playing imaginary violins and then imaginary trumpets.  They are very convincing too!  I think we have some future musicians!