Some neat quotes of Will’s recently are the following:

He saw a picture of the flower Bleeding Hearts and said, “Look! Those are Bleeding Hearts.”  I thought it was cool that he remembered their name from seeing them a couple of weeks ago at a garden.  We had in passing mentioned their name.  Good memory!

Will likes to say “Whobody did that?”

Will saw an ant crawling and then mentioned that maybe he had “ants in his pants.”  He picked up on a saying that he must have heard at some point.

Books, Zoo, Beach, Boat…

For Memorial Day weekend, our family had fun getting free books at a local place.  We then joined Jonathan’s family at the National Zoo in D.C.  On Monday, we traveled to Solomon’s Island and took an hour boat ride.  Afterwards, the boys had a blast playing at a small beach and in the water.  It was a wonderfully relaxing time!  I absolutely love the ocean!  It is so peaceful and refreshing.  Since our trip, Will’s been really into reading books about boats.

Pre-school Papers, Sand, & Sunshine

This morning, I made up five work sheets for Will of Pre-K lessons/review.  I made one for Drew.  Drew scribbled on his, but Will did very well and loved the work sheets.  He got 100% on three sheets, 80% on another, and 90% on another.   The sheets were coloring specific shapes with a specific color., checking specific shapes, matching the name of a color with the object of that color (I wrote the name with its color of marker.), and coloring specific letters of the alphabet with a specific color.  Will loved it!  Afterwards, I took the boys outside to play in their new sandbox that Jonathan built last weekend.  Luke had fun sitting out in the shade and watching his brothers play.  What a beautiful day to play outside!

If I Were Dying…

Okay, we all know that some day, we are going to die — unless the Rapture occurs first.  Yet this morning, I was thinking about the thought of if I knew I only had months to live, how would that change or affect the way I live today?  I thought about my boys — all the many frustrations that occur and the joys too.  I thought how I would want to spend every minute with them doing special things.  I thought of how some things I like to do, like reading, wouldn’t matter if I only had months to live.  I would want to live those months so that my boys would know that Mommy loved them very much.  I do love my boys very much, but sometimes, I get “lost” in the “largeness” of thinking I have years yet with my boys.  I don’t know that I do, and even then, those years go by very fast.  I was thinking how I need to treasure each day that I have with my boys.  I want my boys to remember that they were loved and are loved — not because of how clean the house is, how tasty the meals are, how attractive I look, but because Mommy spent time loving and playing with them and teaching them.

Colors & Shapes

Finally, I am starting to see some rewards to my efforts in trying to teach the boys their colors and shapes.  I have been working on this for more than two years with Will with seeming no “fruit.”  Today though, Will excitedly ran around the house pointing out the shapes of almost every item that had a shape and pointing out colors.  Very exciting!  Yeah!  We still have some work to do to perfect this, but it’s good to finally see results.

“Pecial Like A Boy…”

This evening as we were tucking our boys in for bed, Will prayed like normal. His prayer went like this, “Dear Lord, thank you for making me, for dying for me, for making me ‘pecial’ like a boy, for games we played today, for stories about horsies…” Ah! What sweet words! He is definitely a special little boy!

“I Already Prayed That!”

Last night as Jonathan was getting the boys ready for bed, the boys were praying before going to bed.  Jonathan helped Drew start with “Dear Jesus…”  Drew though began to pray on his own, and this is what he said, “Thank you.  I played outside … had fun.  I had shovel.  Will had another shovel…”  He kept praying about his day.  Finally, Jonathan said, “Amen.”  Will then started to pray.  He started to pray, “Thank you that I got to play outside and have fun…”  Drew interrupted him with, “I already prayed that.”  I am so glad the boys are “getting into” praying.

“The Ants Awoke Me”

Last night,  I checked on the boys to see why I had heard some noise after they were supposed to be asleep.  Will said that the dogs awoke him and the cats and the ants.  He said that the dogs were saying “woof! woof!” and the cats were saying “meow, meow” and the ants were saying “antz, antz, antz.”  Very funny what they come up with!

Watering & Weeding

Yesterday was a busy day but fun!  I had a friend come and give a jewelry party at my house.  We got to try on jewelry and learn about the latest trends.  I also attended ladies’ Bible study in the morning; we only have one more week until it restarts in the fall.  😦  Once I got home from Bible study, I fed my ravenous boys and then we went outside to plant flowers.  Thanks to my father-in-law, I was able to buy some beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day.  I planted roses, lilies, and another perennial.  Gorgeous!  I love roses!!!  I weeded some, watered lots of flowers, cleaned, and baked desserts and supper inside.  It was a busy but fun day.  The boys enjoyed helping me water the flowers.  Of course, they played in the water and mud more than actually watered flowers.  Baths were in order before naps could be taken…  Little boys…!  So irritating and so cute too!!!