Summer Summary

So, here it is — the last day of August.  I am determined to write one post for this month, which means I have ’til midnight.  It’s getting late though, and I still need to look over some places to stay with my husband for our only vacation for this year.  We plan to take the boys for a day to the beach.  Can’t wait!  I totally love the beach — especially this time of year.  The weather is usually perfect: 70’s to low 80’s with gorgeous blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  There’s normally a fabulous breeze.  I love just sitting and watching the boys build sand castles.  I love chasing them into the surf and then racing with them to beat the waves.  I love watching my husband and the boys flying kites and seeing the colorful designs dip and wave in the breeze!  I love watching our foot prints follow us as we walk along the shore.  I love closing my eyes for a minute or two and just relaxing.  I love the wide expanse and the feeling of freedom that I experience when I visit the ocean.  Yes, I love the ocean — at least from the shore and in beautiful weather!  🙂  So, I just can’t wait!

I really was going to write about our summer.  I don’t know that I can remember what we have all done, but it has been full with running the boys for weekly swim lessons, gardening, weeding, taking the boys to a splash park, attending two VBS’s, visiting with lots of friends, taking a day trip to our favorite Bible camp, participating in the wedding of friends, bridal showers, a week-long visit from my mother-in-law, trips to parks, and enjoying holding my sweet baby.  Our summer flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to start school.

So, here we are into our second official week of school.  We actually got two weeks of school in during the summer so this is really our fourth week of school already.  So far, the boys are loving their new books and find the work easy. I can tell they learned a lot during last year’s schooling, which makes the teacher — that’s me — feel quite happy.  This year is definitely more challenging since I am now teaching two different grades, have a busy three-year-old and a newborn.  I love the fact though that I can read excellent books to my boys, that I am the one teaching them to read, that I can experience hands-on schooling with the boys, and that I can spend so much time with them.  Grant it, there are times when I really wish for a break.  For instance, my flower beds need to be weeded again, I need to shop for new clothes (I lost a bit of weight since having Olivia.), and I have a bunch of apples that I need to can into applesauce.  I am trying to figure how to fit those activities into my schedule.  Plus, I need to schedule maintenance work on the van, blood work for myself, our vacation, field trips, etc…  Of course, I have two more loads of laundry to do — just from today.  Yes, life is busy!

So, here I am finally writing my first blog for the month of August, but it is now the end of August.  It is also getting towards the end of this day so it’s time to get some rest.  Because come morning, Luke will be bouncing out of his bed and declaring that he is starving.  I always wonder how he manages to awaken with so much cheer immediately.

Next time I write, I need to share some of the funny things the boys have said recently.  They really do come off with the silliest quotes.  I’ll have to write about Drew’s question in regards to Adam & Eve.   For now, it’s a “Good Night!”


I just took Olivia to her two-month apt. so here are the stats.  I always think it’s fun to see how everyone compares.

Olivia: 12 1/2 pounds, 15 1/2 inches head, 23 inches in height

Luke: 12 1/2 pounds, 16 inches head, 23 inches in height (He started out more than a pound less in weight than Olivia, was also shorter, and had a smaller head circumference)

Drew: 12 pounds, 9 ozs.; 16 inches head; 23 inches height

Will: 13 pounds 10 1/2 ozs.; 16 1/2 inches head; 22 inches height (I have a question mark on this, and I have a guess that the measurement was off.)

Mommy: 12 pounds 10 ozs. (I started out weighing almost exactly what Olivia weighed at birth.  We both weighed close to a pound more than the boys.); 16 inches head; 23 3/4 inches height (interesting that I was the tallest at this wage)

Daddy: 10 pounds (He always weighed less than the kids and I.  They must take after me more in weight, or at least their milk was similar to the kind I drank.P; 15 3/4 inches head; 22 1/2 inches length