Bubbles, Books, & Blocks

My morning with the boyz consisted of building garages with blocks, blowing bubbles in our DR for them to pop, and then having them pick books for me to read to them.  Overall, I think it was a fairly good morning… some discipline issues, but that is the life with toddlers.  I find that I enjoy building things with blocks, Legos, or train tracks.  I guess that’s a good thing since I have three boys! 😉

Sore Throat and Sniffles

It’s the cold season again; though, this year has been easier on our family than last year.  The boys are finishing their second round of colds — this time less severe than the first time.  I have had a sore throat since yesterday evening.  I am so glad that spring is almost here, when the days are warmer and the germs less  rampant.

Many Words

Drew has been increasing his vocabulary on at least a weekly basis. This morning as I was trying to put him in his high chair, he said, “I do it myself.” He has also been heard to say, “This too heavy,” “I want to get up in my chair,” “I poopy,” “I want this book,” “I want this Bible,” etc…