Books At (Almost) Three Months

I have been reading aloud to Luke every day — particularly knowing how studies have shown how important it is to read to, not just toddlers, but infants too.  Luke appears to be as interested in books as his older(s) brother(s).  Will, in particular, loved books at an early age.  I read six books to Luke this afternoon, and he was mesmerized during the reading of all six books.  He definitely has an attention span that can handle looking at several books at one time.

The Mischief Of Mice

A little furry critter has been heard scurrying around in our attic all winter, skillfully avoiding the bait traps we have laid for its demise. Because of its location, we have not worried a lot about its presence until yesterday… When I went to my cupboard to pull some food, to my great displeasure I beheld the evidence of a mouse’s meal. With a hurry and scurry of activity, Lysol was sprayed, the cupboards were emptied and cleaned, and the vacuum cleaner was run. Lining the door of the food closet with food traps, my husband and I fell into bed after 11:00 p.m.

Expectantly, I entered my kitchen in the morning hours and saw no culprit caught but a new trail of evidence of a prowling mouse. My stove was its new habitat. With more spritzing of Lysol and scrubbing of counter tops, the stove, and the dishes drying nearby, I finally joined my sons to eat breakfast.

This is one visitor we could do without!