Yesterday, I experienced a small glimpse perhaps of what the future may hold.   I kept slicing cheese for Jonathan’s lunch, and every time I turned around the plate was empty.  The boys kept slipping in and stealing the cheese.  I was imagining what it will be like when they’re teens.  Two fridges, here we come!

Eating Colors

Today, I decided to integrate teaching colors into our lunch time.  Our color for the day was green so the boys and I ate only green things.  We had green grapes, green celery (with peanut butter), green applesauce (I added a little bit of food coloring.), green pickles, green peas, hard-boiled eggs with their shells died green, a scoop of mint green ice cream, and Will earned a mini. green M & M.  Will was then allowed to pick only green books for me to read.  Drew wore green, and we kept talking about what colors were the characters in our books and the color of our food.  We heard an audio story regarding a green frog.  Overall, our lunch was interesting and very green!  🙂

Big Appetites!

The boys have huge appetites!  My grocery budget will probably triple once they hit the teen years.  For lunch, Will ate a whole yogurt, 1/3 an apple, cheese crackers (a pile), half a pack of Graham crackers, two pieces of cheese, a piece of lunch meat (whole piece), one Oreo cookie, and drank a glass of milk.  He kept asking for more food, and I was running out of ideas.  Drew wasn’t too far behind with eating one whole yogurt, two pieces of cheese, cheese crackers, one Oreo, 1/3 an apple, and one large piece of Graham cracker.