A Few More Laughs From L-Son

This morning when I went in to get L-son, he saw my black-tight-cladded legs and said, “Did you change your legs?”

After getting L up from his nap, we were sitting in our plush chair cuddling.  I wrapped a fleece blanket around us and asked L if he likes to cuddle.  His response was, “My leg isn’t cuddling.”  (It was out from under the blanket.)

Some things though I wish my cutie wouldn’t say.  I took him with me to the grocery store, and we enjoyed lots of laughs and fun.  At one point though, I had to shush him when he pointed to a man and said, “That man is big.”

Even A Two-Year-Old Can Be A “Missionary”

Today, our family was able to volunteer at the G.A.I.N. distribution center.  We were able to help sort and bag seeds to send to families in Africa.  It was fun and neat to see even Luke get to be a part.  Will and Drew were able to gather the packets without assistance and were quite the hard workers.  It was exciting to hear of G.A.I.N.’s ministry and to be able to be part.  I am praying that my children would gain a heart for those facing spiritual, physical, emotional, educational, and economical challenges.

Concerned About Veggies

Drew has been really concerned about nutrition.  I guess our little lessons in health class are “paying off.”  Lately, he’s been saying stuff like, “I don’t want snacks.  I want veggies.”  This morning when he saw his vitamin, which to my chagrin has a coating of sugar on it, he said, “I don’t want sugary vitamins; I want vegetables.”

I should take some lessons from him.

D-Son is a Sweetie!

Often, I have been amazed by our D’s tender heart.  He has an amazing ability to sympathize, share, and protect.  Case in point, he saw daddy carrying off a naughty child to his room.  In the process, the flailing child bumped himself and was crying.  D started to sob.  I asked him why he was crying (thinking I knew why but wanting to confirm).  When he was finally calm enough to respond, he said, “Because ….  is crying.”

D is a child that you will find closest to the babies and girls.  He has a tender heart that wants to protect the little ones.  It was adorable to watch D keeping an eye on my nephew when I watched my nephew last.

D also is often quick to say, “W… or L…., you can have this toy.”  He’ll then give up his favorite and get another one for himself.  I am amazed by this and often wonder, “What makes some children so ‘naturally’ more selfless?”

Ebay is Addictive

I have been trying to organize and make some “extra” $ lately so I have taken to selling stuff on Ebay.  I have really enjoyed it but found it to be a bit addictive when I want to keep watching the auctions to see if someone is/was bidding on my stuff.  I was thrilled when I sold three of my lots of stuff!  I even got some good deals for Christmas and birthdays.  Now, I need to close the tab and keep it closed so I don’t spend too much.  I love buying things for my family so sometimes, shall we say, I am a little too tempted to spend $.  It’s really dangerous when the store is this accessible.  Bye! Bye, Ebay tab!  🙂

More Humor

I wish that I would remember more of the funny things the boys say.  I guess that is one of the main reasons why I blog — so I can remember all the cute things about my boys.  I think they’ll enjoy reading some of it too when they are older.

Here are some of our sons’ latest quotes:

Will came running in from outside and pointed to some stuff on his legs and gravely asked, “What is on my legs?”  Jonathan and I inspected them and said, “It looks like some of the tomato soup you spilled earlier.”  Will: “I cleaned that off my legs.  Do you think this is leprosy?”  Jonathan and I exchanged smiles and replied, “No, it’s not leprosy.  Why did you think it is leprosy?”  Will: “Because I learned about it in Sunday school.”  Well, at least he was listening.  🙂

On Sunday, I had moussed the boys’ hair, and as I was getting them breakfast, I told each of them that they looked “sharp”/very handsome.  When I came to carrying Luke downstairs, he turned to me, saw my wet hair (looked all moussed too) and said, “You look sharp too, Mommy.”

I can’t remember the context to this discussion, but somehow the boys were talking about babies.  Luke then turned to us and said, “Daddy and Mommy, you should make a baby.”  I wonder from where he got that?!!!  🙂

L-Son is Learning Letters

I was pretty excited to hear L-Son say the other morning, “Mommy, I see two “B’s.”  I wanted to clarify which type of b so I asked him to show me.  Sure enough, he pointed to everywhere the letter “B” was typed and showed me.  He then pointed to an “s” and said, “S.”  Maybe, he’ll be learning how to read right along with the other two.  🙂

“Luke Laughs”

Here are some recent funny quotes from Luke:

He overheard me kissing Jonathan and saying that I am so thankful that he is my husband.  Luke interrupted with, “No, he is my husband!”

Tonight as Jonathan was tucking Luke into bed, Lukey said, “Pop-Pops are squirrelly.”  That is Jonathan’s term for someone who is being mischievous.

I Cried Over the Fair

In September, we took the boys to the Fair for pre-school day (Will just made the cut-off at 5), where we all enjoyed rides, watching the circus, seeing a pig race, rock-climbing (that was me), and listening to a Celtic concert and dance.  At least twice, I caught myself crying a little.   Watching my boys have so much fun and being able to do special things with them moved me to tears.  I was glad I was wearing sun-glasses so people didn’t wonder what was wrong with me.

Some days, I am completely exasperated with my boys — especially when they do the same foolish thing repeatedly.  In spite of those times, I love my kids fiercely and passionately and desire that my kids would grow into all that God would have them to be.

This task of motherhood is daunting, exhilarating, humbling, inspiring, stimulating, thrilling, frustrating, riveting, exhausting, life-changing, and very brief.  Each morning, I awaken with a cry for patience and for my kids to learn anew today through my example and teaching more of their Heavenly Father’s love for them.