A New Version of an Old Game

I play a game of “Ribbety, ribbety Ree.  I see something you don’t see…” with the boys to teach them their colors.  When it came time for Will to sing the song, he sang this version of it, “Ribbety, ribbety, Ree, I don’t see something you may see…”  Very cute!  He proudly ran around picking colors and getting them correct.  Drew still needs more work on his colors though.   I definitely have lots of “job security.”  🙂

Red Day

Today, I worked on teaching the boys the color red.  We started out by wearing red, then I gave the boys red crayons to color with, then I gave them red construction paper to cut.  After that, I had the boys pick red books to read — one was about Clifford the Big Red Dog.  Following that, I hid a bunch of red toys in the DR and LR and kitchen for the boys to find.  We took turns with them finding them and then me finding the ones they hid.  We finished with a lunch, based on red.  They ate apple slices, strawberry  yogurt, crackers from a red box with peanut butter from a red container, and then some cream of wheat from a red box.  We finished with the boys cleaning up their toys and then heading upstairs for a nap.  We are working on the nap part.  I have to check on them in a couple of minutes to make sure they are resting.  I am ready to rest too.  I was given a Tetanus shot on Monday, and my arm is very sore as a result.  I can hardly lift it and definitely not lie on that side.  I am ready to rest and not worry about dishes and vacuuming.  Now, if only Luke will let me rest…

Eating Colors

Today, I decided to integrate teaching colors into our lunch time.  Our color for the day was green so the boys and I ate only green things.  We had green grapes, green celery (with peanut butter), green applesauce (I added a little bit of food coloring.), green pickles, green peas, hard-boiled eggs with their shells died green, a scoop of mint green ice cream, and Will earned a mini. green M & M.  Will was then allowed to pick only green books for me to read.  Drew wore green, and we kept talking about what colors were the characters in our books and the color of our food.  We heard an audio story regarding a green frog.  Overall, our lunch was interesting and very green!  🙂

Car Colors

Yesterday when I was returning home from a ladies’ Bible study, Will said, “Mommy, tell me the colors of the cars we pass.”  I asked him if he wanted to learn all the colors, and he said, “Yes.”  I am glad he desires to learn.  This has been something I have been working with him on for a long time: teaching him the names of colors.  He can sort by color and sometimes can name them correctly, but for some reason, their names haven’t “stuck with him.”