Helping Boys

Our boys are really becoming a bigger help!  The other week, Will and Drew packed our lunches for the local Fair all by themselves.

I have asked Luke to wash his hands.  He will walk over to the stool, turn on the water, and try to reach the soap to wash his hands.  I then come and assist.

Tonight, Drew helped get Luke dressed.   I asked him to try to change Luke into pj’s.  Drew managed to get Luke undressed and his pj bottoms on.  I then helped with the top and changed his diaper.

The boys are growing in other ways too.  Will is now very interested in school work.  He walks around the house, looking for words and then tries to copy them on a sheet of paper.  He does a pretty good job.


Last night as Jonathan was helping prepare the boys for bed, he reminded them all to obey mommy.  He asked Luke if Luke would obey.  Luke said, “Obey mommy.  Obey Jesus.”

Drew said, “I will obey Mommy.  I will tell her when I go poopy.”  (That represented being very obedient to him.  I am always telling the boys to tell me so I can wipe them — rather than them wiping themselves.)

Our Littlest Son

I already typed this, but there was an error so it never got posted — error on internet connection, not me.  🙂

Here we go again:

Luke has been saying a lot lately:

“Help me, mommy!”

“I don’t think so.”  (in response to a friend asking me a question)

“The end” whenever I finished reading a book to him.

As we were riding down the road, he said, “a truck.”  He would then start to laugh.  He kept pointing to all the trucks and then saying “a truck” and then laughing.

I have been working with Luke on obedience training.  It has been so sweet to see him saying, “Yes, ma’am” and then come running to obey.  His rendition of “ma’am” is very funny to hear.

Luke also has the best manners.  He says “please” and “thank you” without prompting.  He also says “excuse me” whenever someone sneezes.

I have been thoroughly enjoying our little sweetheart as I watch him grow and change from baby to boy.