Busy Boy Bodies

I decided to keep our boys quite busy by exercising their bodies and minds.  Never mind the blustery weather outside, we bundled up in boots and coats and trudged outside.  Using buckets and shovels, the boys built mud piles.  Then with a mad dash, the boys climbed up the playground equipment to get on the slide.  With a swoosh, the boys landed on their bottoms and jumped up to repeat another run to the slide.  Tired of sliding, the boys asked to play baseball.  Mommy collected the necessary bat and ball, and the boys, with Mommy’s assistance, took turns batting the ball.  The fun ended when a wrestling match ensued over the ball stand and one little boy bumped his lip against his teeth.  Mommy quickly cleaned up the blood and started a game involving colors.  The boys were to collect a toy with the color that Mommy called out.  Then, once they had a pile each of various colors, they could play with their chosen items.  When arguing began over each other’s toys, Mommy intervened and brought out crayons and coloring books.  While the older boys colored, Mommy and Luke had fun playing with infant toys.  Luke also enjoyed belly time on a play mat.  When the crayons started to be thrown around and being disrobed from their wrappers, Mommy pulled out the Lego blocks to build a barn.  The barn was soon finished, and the boys hungry.  With requests for more food, Mommy made repeated trips to the kitchen to feed her busy boys’ bodies.  Boredom set in, and Mommy prepared the boys for naps.  And for now, that is where we will end…

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