“Hide ‘N Seek”

Last night while the boys were playing “Hide ‘N Seek,” Drew called out, “Will, are you hiding under the table?”  Will responds from underneath the table, “No, I am not!”

When hiding himself, Drew kept insisting that whoever was hiding had to close their eyes.

Sweet Baby Skin?

Jonathan was holding Luke this evening and then handed him to me.  I picked Luke up and was enjoying hugging a sweet baby.  As I cuddled Luke, I said how much I love the feel of his sweet baby skin.  As I said that, I was rubbing my hands up his back.  I quickly stopped when I felt the sensation of something not-so-sweet.   Luke’s diaper had been insufficient, to say the least.  Luke was quickly bathed, and once again, I could enjoy his sweet baby skin.


Last week, Drew came home from being watched at a ladies’ Bible study with a picture he drew.  On it was the name “Reuben.”  I asked him why it said “Reuben” on his picture.  Drew said, “My name is Reuben.”  Today in a silly voice, he reminded me that his name is Reuben.  Will then told me that his name is “Goliath.”  I told him that wasn’t a good name since Goliath wasn’t a good character.  Will then asked me about Reuben so we discussed his character.  Will then decided he wanted to be Jacob instead.

“Experienced” Parent

Recently, we were driving home from church, and Drew said, “I am making a rainbow.”  My immediate response was, “How?”  Jonathan said, “You can tell the difference from a ‘new’ parent from an ‘old’ parent by this.  A new parent may have said, “Neat!”  My response was “How?”  (You never know what they might be up to…)

Crucial Confession

Last evening, I had the important responsibility of teaching Will an important lesson regarding stealing.  Two weeks ago, we discovered following a grocery shopping trip that Will had stolen two items from two different stores.  So, I took him to the two stores to return the items and to apologize to the managers or cashiers.  He said he was sorry at both places and explained he’d stolen the items.  He was truly sorry over it and almost ready to cry.  We are hoping this left a life-time impression on him.

Help or Not?!!

Yesterday, I was trying to mop.  Will and Drew wanted to help so I gave them rags and told them to mop the stairs.  They went to ring out their rags, and I went to check on them.  I found the boys wiping down the hutch with a very wet rag.  I quickly gave them a dry rag and told them to dry it off, explaining that they would ruin the finish.  I checked on them again to find the dry rag now sopping wet and once again a very wet hutch.  At this point, I headed them into the family room and finished the project without my “help.”