My Little Lobbiest

Jonathan was driving the boys home from my mom’s yesterday, and the boys and daddy were discussing how it stays light out so late right now.  Will didn’t understand why he had to go to bed when it was still light out.  He then said, “The governor should make it so everyone stays up when it’s light out.”  He sounds like our legislators now-a-days!

Boys That Don’t Like To Sleep

My boys don’t like to sleep.  They awaken at 6:45 a.m. and don’t fall asleep until 10:00 p.m.  They awaken, singing, yelling, stomping, and throwing things.  They fall asleep, yelling at each other to stop talking.  It is really kind of amusing, except for the fact that the attitudes aren’t right and they are disobeying us at the bed time.  The crazy thing is that the boys then complain that they are tired and they are grumpy.  If only they would sleep more!

Tire Them Out!

Well, I tried to really tire our boys out yesterday.  I got out a hose that has holes in it, and it made a perfect sprinkler.  I also sprayed the boys with the “mist” part of our hose.  The boys had fun running through that.  I then had them run races in the back yard.  Following that, I gave all three boys a ride in their riding car.  It was pretty funny and fun!  Drew seemed to go down better for his nap.  I am trying to think of ways I can really tire my boys so that they don’t get into so much foolishness.  🙂

“The Ants Awoke Me”

Last night,  I checked on the boys to see why I had heard some noise after they were supposed to be asleep.  Will said that the dogs awoke him and the cats and the ants.  He said that the dogs were saying “woof! woof!” and the cats were saying “meow, meow” and the ants were saying “antz, antz, antz.”  Very funny what they come up with!

A.K.A. Half-Raccoon — Sleep Or Not?

I am starting to think that I am half-raccoon with the dark semi-circles underneath my eyes.  They have become a facial feature of mine.

Last night, Luke slept through the night, but I was up three times with Will and Drew.  I am starting to imagine sleeping since I don’t believe a full or satisfactory night’s sleep exists in real life.  😉  My bed is like floating on clouds, and my pillow…?  Ah!  My head sinks blissfully into it, I close my eyes, and I am asleep.  But wait…!  I am awake, my kids are up and running around, but at least, they are dressed and fed — something I can’t completely say about myself.  So instead of writing more, I will get a shower and maybe feel a little more awake.  Adrenaline is a wonderful hormone!