Potty Training Praises!

Yesterday was a day of victory in potty training.  Son-W1 was able to stay dry a lot in between potty trips.  He didn’t resist me in having him sit on the potty, and on his own he told me that he had to go potty.  He then sat down and did a #2.  He asked, “Mommy, are you really proud of me?”  I told him, “YES!!!”  He got a lollipop over that one.

Cute Quotables & More…

I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like because we have been too busy.  It’s hard to keep up with everything!  Yesterday, the kids and I spent a day at a water park with friends.  It was great fun!  We left at 8:30 a.m. and returned at 3:30 p.m.  I loved having a day to relax with the guys in a not too stressful environment.  Plus, the water was very refreshing and so much fun!  I had fun running through the water with our boys.  After our day, Will told daddy that he had fun playing in the “watermelon.”  He also kept singing “Deep & Wide,” but instead of singing, “There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide,” he insists on singing, “There’s a mountain flowing deep and wide.”  We have corrected him numerous times, but he thinks he knows best.

This morning, Will said, “We like our baby.”  The boys were having fun playing with Luke.  Now that Luke is crawling, the boys are interacting more with him.  He’s a fun “toy” to them.

The other day, Jonathan shared his lunch cookies with the boys.  Jonathan said, “That’s a big cookie.”  Will ate a bite and then said, “Now, it’s a little, tiny cookie.”

Yesterday as I was trying to get the boys out the door on time for the park, I told Will to climb into his car seat and to put his shoulder straps on.  Will said, “Mommy, I am frustrated with you.”  (He didn’t like me telling him to hurry.)  You never know what they are going to come up with.

Little Boyz…

Boys are such a different specimen or creature or whatever you want to call them.  (I don’t mean that negatively because I appreciate their differences from the female gender.)  Right now, the boys are playing their version of sword fighting and wrestling and police men.  Very amusing!  On Sunday, I saw a prime example of the gender differences.  The little girls were sitting around after the lesson coloring on their hand-outs while the boys were being intercepted from attempting wrestling matches, make-believe basketball games, and “bump off the log” games.  I heard comments like this from the three and four year old boys, “You the baseball man” as they thumped each other on their chests.  They sounded like high school boys they way they said.  Boyz…!  What more can I say!

Boys & A Bible Club

Today was the first day of our Bible club this week.  Afterwards, Will had fun acting it out.  (I was his student.)  He had us sing “Zaccheus…” and “Jesus Loves Me.”  He had me say my memory verse.  He collected $ for the missionary offering.  He told the Bible story fairly well.  He had me draw for the review game.  Off-hand, I can’t remember the rest.  He came with his bag of teaching materials and wanted to know where to set the stuff.  He then asked for my name and pretended to write it down.  It was so cute to see how much he had learned in such a short time.

Potty Training Perils

Potty training!!!  Ugh!  We started potty training our one son a year ago.  We still are potty training.  We took a break and started back up this summer.  Our son has the capabilities but not the willingness or desire to go potty.  He would much rather go in his Pull-ups, underwear, or diapers.  We keep trying to tell him that it is part of life and growing up.  He will have to learn to go potty and on his own.  Any suggestions?

Prayerful Response

Last night as we were driving home from church, we came across two different situations that were dangerous and difficult.  Will’s response was to immediately start to pray for the people involved.  The first situation was going through the tunnel, and the opposing traffic was stopped because a truck had broken down in its lane.  The traffic behind him was stopped because there was only one lane for each oppposing lane of traffic.  It was difficult to get a truck through to fix the truck that had broken down because they had to shut down our lane of traffic then.  The second situation was a highway worker who started moving cones into the lane of traffic, getting rid of one lane — the lane in which we were driving.  Since there were no signs, there was no warning.  All of a sudden, we had this guy walking into our lane, carrying a cone.  It was neat to hear Will respond to these situations by immediately wanting to pray.

Singing Son

Will was singing in the car when we got home from church tonight.  He made up his own song about “Who made the trees?  Who made the grass? …”  It’s great to hear him then say, “God did!”  Ah, so sweet to hear praise from the mouth of little ones!

Berry Boyz

Yesterday, our boys helped us pick 60 pounds of berries!  We picked 15 pounds of blueberries and 45 pounds of tart cherries!  Drew even picked is own pint of blueberries and didn’t pick a single green one.  Will was even showing me a few in my container that weren’t any good.  They were amazing!  Once we got home, Will helped me for a good hour or more with washing our cherries.  He is quite the hard worker!