A Few More Quotes that I Can Remember…

There are two things recently that the boys said that I thought was funny (the two things I can remember in this craziness of moving and painting):

Drew: “Mommy, can we go buy a girl baby?  Can we buy one right now?”

Will was asking us where the neighbor’s donkey and goats were.  Grandpa teasingly said, “Here’s the donkey (and pointed at Will) and there are the two goats (and pointed and Drew and Luke).”  Will said, “No, the other donkey and goats.”

Glimpses of God

There are days with my boys that I am saddened and discouraged, but other days when I get a glimpse of God at work in their lives.  Last week, we had one of those days.

Will had a fit of anger and as a result did something he shouldn’t have that resulted in me getting injured.  The situation was dealt with, and I talked with him.  I told him that I was going to tell Daddy when Daddy got home.  A little later, Will came to me and said with a genuinely repentant attitude, “Mommy, I am sorry.”  I gave him a hug and asked him if Daddy told him to apologize.  He said, “No.”  I then asked him why he apologized (I asked this gently but for a reason.).  He said that his heart had changed.  I asked him what changed his heart.  He said, “God is getting ready to change my heart.”

It is encouraging to see that God is working in the hearts of our kids and preparing them to truly be changed from the inside out.