A Three Year Old Vacuums

I have been feeling miserable the past two days as I have been getting over another round of mastitis.  As a result, I asked Will if he would vacuum the family room carpet for me.  (We are supposed to have company tomorrow.)  He said, “Yes.”  I set up the vacuum cleaner and moved furniture around for him, but he vacuumed the family room carpet and kitchen floor.  He did a good job.  I told him that I was very proud of him.   He said, “Mommy, thank you for training me.”  Wow!  There are times that they really come off with something that indicates some truth is taking “root” in their hearts.

Asthmatic Infant

Over the weekend, we had a good visit with family but were worried about our youngest son, in particular.  He came down with a cold the day we were leaving, was exposed to some possible allergens over the weekend, and wound up being very asthmatic.  It was very frightening for me to hear him wheeze at some points with every breath.  We wound up giving him two breathing treatments.  Today, he sounds better but is still congested and a little wheezy at times.  Poor baby!

Deferential Lads

Last evening, the boys were building a complicated train track arrangement with their daddy.  At one point, Jonathan was blocking Drew’s pathway so Drew said, “Excuse me, daddy!”  Ever so often throughout the boys’ play, you would hear, “Excuse me.”  What deferential lads!  I hope these polite manners will continue…  😉

Happy Birthday, D-Son!

Today is D-Son’s second birthday!  Wow!  That time has flown, but it does feel like it’s been awhile.  I have a hard time remembering all the details of his birth.  I think that I “blocked” most of it out since it was a bit traumatic at the end.  Nice to have it in the past.  Wonderful to have him here in the present!  What a blessing our D-Son is!

Car Colors

Yesterday when I was returning home from a ladies’ Bible study, Will said, “Mommy, tell me the colors of the cars we pass.”  I asked him if he wanted to learn all the colors, and he said, “Yes.”  I am glad he desires to learn.  This has been something I have been working with him on for a long time: teaching him the names of colors.  He can sort by color and sometimes can name them correctly, but for some reason, their names haven’t “stuck with him.”