Laughs with L-Son Continues

We are half-way through June, and the weeks are flying way too fast.  I am trying to hold onto them, but some days it feels like I am flying the kite of life in a hurricane rather than a gentle breeze.

Speaking of gentle breezes, this past week has been absolutely perfect.  I’ve enjoyed gardening, swinging with the boys, going to a park, relaxing on our hammock, and playing games with the boys.  I wish we had this type of weather all summer or even year.  🙂

Before June is over and I haven’t written a blog, I thought that I would at least share a couple of funnies from our L-Son.

Yesterday evening as I was playing “Memory” with the boys, L-Son kept getting lots of matches.  In response to my telling him that he was doing very well, L-Son said, “I must have my thinking caps on.”

Today L-Son had a little cut on his toe.  He asked me to bandage it.  Prior to cleaning it with Peroxide and putting a Mickey Mouse bandage on it, he asked me if it was going to hurt.  I replied, “Not too much.”  L’s response: “That means it will hurt.” Laughing I told him that he was very smart.

As the Hubs was tucking L-Son in for the night, he saw that L-Son was basically asleep.  Hubs gently called L’s name and asked him if he was awake.  L-Son replied, “If I am talking, I am awake.”

Yes, he is one smart boy. 🙂


Laughs With Luke

Since it’s Luke’s birthday today, I thought that I would share a few funnies from him.  Yesterday, as I was preparing him for the day, he asked me,” Since there will be a new Heaven and new Earth, will there be a new God?”  Yup, he is definitely a deep thinker!  Mind you, he only just turned four!

A funny he said yesterday to me was, “Mommy, Daddy said I can kill a hippopotamus.”  Amongst my chuckles, I replied, “Really?!  Well, make sure you take Daddy with you then.”  I asked Jonathan about it later, and he said that Luke had lots of questions about hippos.  I am thinking that Luke somehow drew the wrong conclusion, but it was funny anyway.

We have had some definite struggles with Luke eating his suppers.  The other night though, I pulled out the dinner from the previous evening and insisted he ate that first before touching anything offered from the current menu.  Luke gingerly bit into the barbecue chicken leftovers and then exclaimed, “I like it!  I really like it!  It’s yummy!”  Jonathan and I laughed and said that’s what we had been trying to tell him.  He just needed to try it.

A Few Funnies

I promised that I was going to write some of the kids’ recent funnies.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten a few, but here are some quotes that I remember:

Luke: “Mommy, I can’t eat all this food.  It will make my breath smell.”

Luke: “Mommy, I have kangaroo sores.”  (He meant “canker sores.”)

Luke: “Mommy, you can’t eat sugar because it will make you hyper (they hear me say this all the time to them.).”  Me: “Oh yeah?  How will I get hyper?”  Luke: “You’ll laugh a lot.”  (At this point, I “proved” his point by laughing quite a bit.)

Drew: “Mommy, if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned, would we not have to wear clothes?”  🙂

Birth Blunders

Most of you all know already, but our family just welcomed a new addition: Olivia Céilí Grace Knight.  That means I need to soon change the title of my blog.  🙂  In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of noteworthy funnies since giving birth to our precious Olivia.

My water broke on Friday evening.  That was a first for me.  The midwives have always had to brake my water when I was in transition or very active labor.  Anyway, the boys were in the car with me when it happened and thought it was gross that mommy was all wet.  Will said, “I am glad I am not a lady.”  The next day, my dad took the boys to a Sunday school picnic.  As Luke hopped out of the car, he yelled for the church to hear, “My mommy wet her pants!”  He couldn’t understand why Mommy would pee her pants when he knows you aren’t supposed to do that.

After the boys saw Olivia for the first time, Lukey said, “Our baby is super tiny.”  The boys then wanted to know if it hurt a lot to get her out and if I cried.  They then asked how she came out.  I told them that God made a special place for them to come out.  They then started to guess.  Drew said, “I know she came out of your nose.”  Wow!  That must have been a painful sneeze!  🙂  Big nose too!  Drew then changed his mind and said, “No, she came out of your mouth.”  Quite the cough!

Another funny was when Jonathan sent Olivia’s birth announcement to his coworkers.  Instead of writing that she weighed 7 pounds 14.4 ozs., he wrote that she weighed 14.4 pounds!  He corrected his announcement the next day when he got quite the response from a coworker.  Her correction went out to the office for everyone to calm down because she had an important correction to make on the baby’s weight.  I am sure they must have thought I was quite the woman giving birth to such a baby.  She felt big, but that would have been another matter!  🙂

A Few More Quotes that I Can Remember…

There are two things recently that the boys said that I thought was funny (the two things I can remember in this craziness of moving and painting):

Drew: “Mommy, can we go buy a girl baby?  Can we buy one right now?”

Will was asking us where the neighbor’s donkey and goats were.  Grandpa teasingly said, “Here’s the donkey (and pointed at Will) and there are the two goats (and pointed and Drew and Luke).”  Will said, “No, the other donkey and goats.”

Funnies & Firsts…

Today was Luke’s first time to ride up front in a “beanie” cart.  He loved it!  Will had a blast riding with Luke too.  It was fun to watch people smile as they saw us.  Of course, some people don’t smile at anything…

Last night, Jonathan and I were able to take just Will on a “date” with us.  Our focus was to spend special one-on-one time with him.  He loved it as we took him to Chik-Fil-A.  He got to play at the inside play area afterwards.

My boys say some pretty grown up things sometimes.  When Will asked Drew to share something with him and to do something that Drew didn’t want to do, Drew said, “I don’t think so!”  Will said something pretty mature sounding too, but I can’t recall it.  Oh well…  That is why I blog because I would never remember the funny things they say and do otherwise.

Daddy Disasters!

Well, my husband has helped me to realize that embarrassing and crazy moments are not just for mommies but for daddies too. 🙂 I got permission from my husband to share about the following events that occurred yesterday.  I laughed heartily when he told me about these events.  (May you laugh too.)

My sweet husband had agreed to stop at Aldis to pick up some groceries for me last evening. On his drive there, he ate a snack of chocolate candies. Some of the crumbs fell on his lap. As he attempted to swipe the crumbs off his lap, they smeared. The worst part about it was that they smeared around the crotch part. He was tempted to just come straight home, rather than stop for the family’s groceries. You can imagine how it looked to have melted chocolate smears around the seat of your pants…  Being a caring husband, he decided to stop at Aldis anyway. Poor guy! Thankfully, no one seemed to be staring.

The second “disaster” happened late last night as my tired husband was preparing for bed. He uses a beard trimmer to keep his goatee neat and tidy. Last night as he was trimming his goatee, he realized too late that he had left off the guard and saw that he had bald patches in his goatee. I laughed and laughed when I saw it this morning! 🙂 He said that he would probably be explaining about it all day with his coworkers. I like him in a goatee, or I would have encouraged him to just shave it all off.

So, Moms, we are not the only ones who have those embarrassing moments! Thanks, Jonathan, for being willing to have me share your stories. It’s nice to have some funny incidents to laugh about. Humor is a very important part of life! I have to remember that more when I feel like pulling someone’s hair out… 🙂