Helping Hands

Ever since our dear Olivia arrived, we have had some sickness or another.  I was sick only a few days after her birth.  Drew came home from Nana’s sick.  Then, Luke and Jonathan got sick when she was a week old.  Then Will had a touch of it.  Then, I got sick.  I still have a nasty cough and asthma problems.  With the heat, my breathing problems worsen so I have been thankful for a breathing machine or Pulmo Aide to help me.

Jonathan continues to feel ill, after 2 1/2 weeks of being sick.

It’s been a challenging time with Olivia being sick for a few days too.  That means very little sleep at night, staying up with a sick baby.

I have been so thankful for helping hands during this time!  My dad was very kind to take my husband to the E.R.  My dad also has been mowing our grass during this busy and sick time.  Plus, he took my boys to watch fireworks.

My mom has been so sweet in making meals and watching boys.  Yesterday, she took the boys to their first swim lesson.  I was sad to miss it but thankful I didn’t have to wait in a humid building with a baby while the lessons were going on.  The humidity makes my asthma worse…

I have also been thankful for boys who can help.  Will very kindly has set the table without being asked.  Drew has vacuumed the kitchen and DR and steps without being asked.  The boys also brought me breakfast in bed.  Plus, Will has helped to bathe his brothers and to wipe his little brother’s poopy bottom for me.  I definitely appreciate this!  The boys are also great at entertaining their sister or rocking her chair when she’s fussy.

I am so thankful for the meals from friends too!  What a huge help with all this sickness!  I can’t seem to leave the house because of needing to stay back to watch sick people.

Speaking of not being able to get out; I needed to grocery shop.  That meant taking four kids everywhere and a sick baby at that so I decided to skip the shopping trip.  When I mentioned it to my dad.  He was even willing to grocery shop for me!

It has been so worth it to live close to my parents!  There are times when you just need family around to help.