Cooking For My Family

I love to cook for my family!  I suppose it is my practical way to show I love my family.  Today, I had fun making homemade pizza.  I also made a miniature pizza for the boys.  This weekend, I also had fun making my Loaded Oatmeal Cookies and my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies.  I want my boys to grow up with memories of homemade cookies and meals.  I hope it gives them an appreciation for some of the simpler joys of home.


For Valentine’s, Jonathan made this blog for me. What a lovely gift! For V-Day, we also ate at a lovely inn — thanks to the generosity of his parents. We had a lovely meal — even with Luke accompanying us. It was our first date since November.  What a lovely day!

Playing Church

One evening when Jonathan had come home from work he called me to quickly come see what the boys were doing. They were sitting side by side on our prone Pac ‘N Play, holding books in their hands and singing. Their riding cars were parked nearby. Singing a definite tune, the following words were sung, “On Bethlehem, Christ died for my sins… Christ died for my sins… Christ died for my sins… on Bethlehem.” Will then said that they were at church.