Kings & Dragons

Our son Will has become very scared of going upstairs in the dark.  We keep reassuring him that there is nothing of which to be afraid, but he continues to fret and worry.  Tonight, Jonathan was once again urging Will to head upstairs.  Will came up with a different excuse this time for why he couldn’t venture upstairs, “I can’t; I am a king.”  Jonathan: “You should be able to all the more if you are a king.  Kings are brave.”  Will protested, “Kings can be scared of dragons!”  Jonathan: “If you see a dragon, you let me know and you can be scared of it.”  At this point, a few chuckles escaped from me…

Funnies with L-Son

Sorry, dear readers, that it has been so long since I last sat down to type a few sentences regarding our children’s latest silly stunts, quirky quotes, and curious conundrums.  I have been running around, entertaining, cleaning, homeschooling, and trying to spend time with these dear lads so time is indeed a priceless commodity.

I wish I could recall all those funnies that have occurred since I wrote a month ago.  Since I can’t, I’ll share just a few of the quotes that L-Son recently said:

[We had the boys sleep in our room for a few days over the Christmas holiday while entertaining company.] “Mommy, can I awake my boys?  They’re sleeping.”

This morning, L-Son was cuddling on the bed with Hubs and I and eating up the attention.  His little mouth hung open at one point, and his tongue dangled.  Hubs said, “What a nice tongue you have.”  L-Son said, “Daddy, can I see your tongue?”  Upon seeing it, L-Spm said, “Awesome!”