Talking More

Luke continues to expand his vocabulary.  We love to hear his cute, sweet voice say words that are “new” to him.  Here are some of the latest things he says:

Me: “How are your shoes?”

Luke: “My shoes filthy.”

Me: “Luke, where are you?”

Luke: “Right here!”

Jonathan: “Luke, can you get dressed?”

Luke: “I can’t.”

Me: “Luke, where’s your cup?”

Luke: “Right there.” (as he points to it)

[As we are getting ready to leave my parents’ house…]  Luke: “Take it!  Take it!” (as he points to the diaper bag; he was very concerned we were going to forget it.)

Cute Stuff

This morning as I was getting Luke ready for the day, he said, “Mommy, I eat milk and yummy cereal for breakfast.”  He then said, “I need socks and pacifier.”  Mommy quickly responded with, “You don’t need a pacifier, but yummy cereal and milk sound good.”

Little Musician

Luke is often heard singing “Jesus Loves Me” or “The B-I-B-L-E.”   The other night, I kept hearing him and Drew shouting Bible songs at each other when they were supposed to be sleeping.  (We had put them in the same room since Will was really sick.)

Yesterday as I was returning from washing my hands after changing Luke’s diaper, I heard him strumming on the play guitar in his closet.  He looked up at me as I entered his room and said, “I want song.”

I like to sing to the boys before tucking them into bed.  Luke is repeatedly heard to say, “More song, please.”

Another cute phrase Luke recently said was, “Thank you much.”  “Much” is one of his latest words, along with “knuckles.”  He is very proud of the fact that he knows where his knuckles are.

Our Littlest Son

I already typed this, but there was an error so it never got posted — error on internet connection, not me.  🙂

Here we go again:

Luke has been saying a lot lately:

“Help me, mommy!”

“I don’t think so.”  (in response to a friend asking me a question)

“The end” whenever I finished reading a book to him.

As we were riding down the road, he said, “a truck.”  He would then start to laugh.  He kept pointing to all the trucks and then saying “a truck” and then laughing.

I have been working with Luke on obedience training.  It has been so sweet to see him saying, “Yes, ma’am” and then come running to obey.  His rendition of “ma’am” is very funny to hear.

Luke also has the best manners.  He says “please” and “thank you” without prompting.  He also says “excuse me” whenever someone sneezes.

I have been thoroughly enjoying our little sweetheart as I watch him grow and change from baby to boy.

L-Son’s Language Abilities

L-Son is saying more and more words.  I don’t know that I can recall all that he says, but he says at least the following:

“What’s this?”

“No.”  “Yes.” “Stop.” “Hi.”  “Hello!” “Bye-Bye!”  “Ball”,  “Duck”,  “Dog”,  “Bah-Bah” for bottle, “Cat”, “Door”, “up”, “down”, “book”, “bunny”, “Will”, “Dew” for Drew, “Daddy”, “Mommy”, “mine”, “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “shoe”, etc…

Big Word

Earlier in the day, Drew was going around saying, “hippopatomus, hippatomus, etc…”  Jonathan said, “That’s a big word.”  Will then said, “Elephant is also a big word.”  I guess he is starting to understand what constitutes a long word or a short word.