“No Shots Here!”

This past Tuesday, I had to take Will for shots.  We talked about being brave before heading into the doctor’s.  On the way in, a man stopped us and asked what the building number is.  As soon as he passed us, Will asked, “Does the sign say ‘No shots here!’ ”  Unfortunately for him, the answer was “no.”

Will’s Prayer

Last night, Will called me back to his bedroom after we had tucked him in for the night. He wanted me to pray with him. He prayed the following prayer:
“Thank you for helping me not be scared! Thank you that I don’t go to hell with other bad people! Thank you for forgiving me when I disobey my parents. Thank you for my parents correcting me. Thank you that animals don’t bite me. Thank you that people don’t hit me. Amen.”

Still Growing…

Yesterday at Luke‘s one-year-apt., he measured the following stats.:

25 pounds weight

30 inches height

19 inches head circumference

Here are his brothers’ and Jonathan’s stats. at the same age:


21 pounds 12 ounces

30 1/2 inches

almost 19 inches head circumference


22 pounds 12 ounces

30 inches

almost 19 inches head circumference


22 pounds 4 ounces

30 1/2 inches

18 3/4 inches head circumference

Tall Tales

The other day, Jonathan asked Will what he had done that day.  Will said that he was very tired because he had worked all day.  Jonathan asked Will what he had done.  Will said that he had vacuumed, dusted, done laundry, washed dishes, cleaned, helped Mommy get a shower, etc…  He listed a very long list of things that he had supposedly done.  I can’t remember all the things he mentioned.  It was pretty funny to hear how busy he pretended he had been.


As I was following my before-nap routine of reading books to the boys, Drew started to name the animals on the pages. We got to a funny drawing of a zebra, and Drew said, “That’s an elephant!” He then caught himself and said, “That’s silly! I said that’s an elephant, and it’s a zebra!”

Such cute humor!

Son Jokes

Today as I was pouring milk for Drew, I managed to tip the cup and spill the milk all over the counter. Will observed this from his seat at the table and laughed. He said, “Mommy, you are going to be cleaning up all day.” He then said, “Mommy, I was making fun of you.” I asked him how he was doing that. He said, “Because I said that you would be cleaning all day.”

I thought his joke was pretty amusing and quite cute coming from a just-turned, four-year-old!

Fever Dream

Last night, Will kept saying that he had a fever.  (We could tell that he didn’t have one.)  I guess he wanted “sick attention.”  Soon after we had put the boys to bed, we heard Will yelling.  I went back upstairs to investigate.  Will told me that he had a bad dream.  I was a little dubious about his claim since he had not had time to fall asleep and dream yet and appeared a little too awake.  So, I asked him what his dream was about.  He said, “I dreamed that I had a fever.  Mommy, since I dreamed it, I must have a fever.”

You never know what they are going to think of next!  🙂