A Little Wisdom

Last week, I took cupcakes to Will’s school to celebrate his birthday.  While I was icing them, I overheard his teacher reviewing the days of the week and months of the year with the children.  When she came to Saturday, she asked the children what they do on Saturday.  Almost all of them said that they watch cartoons.  Will piped up and said, “You shouldn’t watch a lot of TV because it makes you sleepy.”

A Few Quotes

I wish I had blogged sooner — before I forgot so many of the recent cute and funny things the boys have said.  So that I don’t forget more, here are a few more quotes:

Luke: “Elbow hurts.”

Luke in response to walking outside and seeing that it was raining: “Umbrella.”  He then found the umbrella in the van and insisted on carrying it.


Daddies, Neighbors, Germs

A few recent funnies from Drew are the following:

[I was commenting on how the boys are getting bigger as I put a pair of pajamas on Luke that Drew had worn last year.]  Drew said, “But, we all can’t be daddies.  That would be a lot of daddies.”

Will then said, “We could be neighbors.”

[Will and Drew are both sick.  Will in particular was very sick so I had made a pallet on the floor so he didn’t have to climb down from his bunk bed.]  Drew said, “Will’s not sleeping above me so that the germs don’t float down to me.”

Little Musician

Luke is often heard singing “Jesus Loves Me” or “The B-I-B-L-E.”   The other night, I kept hearing him and Drew shouting Bible songs at each other when they were supposed to be sleeping.  (We had put them in the same room since Will was really sick.)

Yesterday as I was returning from washing my hands after changing Luke’s diaper, I heard him strumming on the play guitar in his closet.  He looked up at me as I entered his room and said, “I want song.”

I like to sing to the boys before tucking them into bed.  Luke is repeatedly heard to say, “More song, please.”

Another cute phrase Luke recently said was, “Thank you much.”  “Much” is one of his latest words, along with “knuckles.”  He is very proud of the fact that he knows where his knuckles are.