We love to kiss our boys and love it when they return kisses.  Luke has gotten pretty good at giving nice big kisses too.  As I was preparing him for his nap, I was giving Luke lots of kisses.  He had fun returning them, but finally said, “Enough!”

Fellow Beans

Jonathan and I were cuddling with Luke as we were getting him ready for his nap.  We had fun blowing bubbles on his belly and giving him lots of kisses.  Drew came into the room, saw us, and said, “You are fellow beans.”  (Drew calls himself “Buckle Beans.”)

Bad … Good

A few days ago, Jonathan admonished Drew to behave so Drew could go on a special outing with just Daddy.  Drew started to get “carried away” at the dinner table, and Jonathan quickly reminded him of the agreement.  In reply, Drew said, “Maybe, I can be bad for dinner and be good at the store.”

Bad Bananas

A few days ago, Jonathan took Drew and Luke with him to the store while Will and I stayed home to do something that I can’t recall anymore.  Any way while they were out, the boys kept touching bananas  that were on display at the store.  These bananas were very ripe.  Jonathan thought he should buy the bananas because the boys kept touching them so he did and brought them home.  Since there wasn’t much else to do with the bananas, I made banana bread.  When Drew saw the yummy bread, he said, “Good we got those bananas for you.”

Drew … Daddy

A few days ago, I had made the boys sandwiches, using bread that has nut-like grain in it.  Will was complaining that he doesn’t like nuts and was trying to remove every “nut.”  Drew instead was quickly eating and said, “I am going to eat the nuts so that I can become a daddy.”  Will responded with, “Nuts don’t make you a daddy.”

Beach Berry

Drew absolutely loves the beach and ever so often will ask me when I am going to take them to the “beach berry” as he calls it.  I have no idea why he calls the beach, the “beach berry,” but he does.  I keep telling him when the weather gets warmer we will go there again.