Doctors and Shots

Yesterday, I took Luke to the doctor’s for shots.  I had recently been given a sheet by my chiropractor with disturbing information on the ingredients in most vaccinations.  Most of it is a bunch of toxic poison really.  I questioned the nurse on it but was disturbed that she didn’t have any answers to my questions and just brushed them aside with the need for vaccinations.  I agreed that our kids need vaccinations, but it seems like they need to come up with better methods than mixing them with known cancer-causing toxins and poisons.    I came away, praying and hoping I hadn’t poisoned my child by giving him a vaccine.  I wonder what the greater risk is at this point: cancer or one of those rare diseases that you don’t hear of any more.   I want to be a good mommy, but I feel torn between what is the best decision for my family when it comes to vaccinations.

On the positive side, it was cute to hear Luke as we walked up the sidewalk say, “I want to see the big fish.”  He remembered from months ago that the office has a large aquarium with lots of fish and a very large one too.

L-Son and Families

L-Son is really into families.  Yesterday as I was stripping the wet sheets off his bed, he saw the different sizes of hearts on his mattress and asked, “Is that a mommy heart, a daddy heart, and a baby heart?”  Later as we were walking up the sidewalk to the doctor’s office, he wanted to know if the large elephant was a daddy elephant and if the smaller elephants were babies (the elephants were fake of course).

Car for a Wedding Gift!

My sister-in-law is getting married in just 15 days!  Of course, her wedding has been a topic of conversation lately with making plans for the happy occasion.  At one point while we were discussing the wedding, Will asked, “Is she getting a new car?”  We were slightly confused until we asked a few more questions.   We realized that our son thought when the happy couple rode away in their decorated car that the car was a gift too (presents always have bows and ribbons, right?).

Mommy of Dogz?

Motherhood is full of sweat, tears, laughter, kisses, hugs, messes!  Monday I was feeling like a good cry might be in order.  Instead of calling myself “mommy of boyz”, I wanted to call myself “mommy of dogz.”  Certain sons — one in particular — seems to find my rugs particularly attractive for a place to empty his bladder.  My husband and I are determined to make this problem stop so we talked to our neighbors and worked out an agreement for the offending son to rid their yard of dog waste.  Our next plan is a family from church who have horses and therefore a messy barn at times.  This momma is tired of feeling like she has dogs in her house again.  Ruff!  Ruff to the human dogs!  Let’s hope this time our solution works.

Splash, March, and Sing!

Today, I took the boys to a splash park.  We had a wonderful time, playing in the water.  One of the highlights was playing “Follow the Leader” and taking turns with everyone getting to be the leader at some point in the game.  So, there I was, marching around with my three little boys and singing a silly wordless tune.  We got some odd looks from observers, but I didn’t care because I was thoroughly enjoying myself with my boys.  I was completely soaked, and my hair was plastered to my head, but a huge smile was on my face because I was spending special time with my boys.

We came home with rosy cheeks, in spite of two applications of strong sun-tan lotion, but I think I’ll call it a healthy glow.  Most importantly, we have an inward glow.  There aren’t too many things that are better than spending fun times with my boys and hubby!

We were blessed with wonderful weather and good trips to and from!  Both were answers to our prayers, which was another opportunity for the boys to see how God loves to answer our prayers.

Detective W1

Today, I was able to take the boys to a splash park.  We had a marvelous time!  Afterwards, friends invited us to join them for ice cream.  While there, W1 observed a theft that he told his daddy about later.  You judge for yourself, but after we heard his report, we both said that he sounds like quite the detective.  Future Special Force Operative or CIA agent, here we come!  This was his report:

“I saw two boys stealing money.  They stole it from the [tip] box in the front.  The lady didn’t see it because she was on the phone and looking out the window.  The man didn’t see it because his back was turned while he was scooping ice cream.  The one boy had black shorts and a white t-shirt.  The other boy had a blue shirt on.  The one boy took the money and put it into his shorts’ pocket.  The other boy whispered to him, and then they quickly walked off.”

Pretty impressive!  He made quite a few observations in a short amount of time — something that the adults around him never even noticed.

God Sees

Tonight, a child was telling a lie.  He insisted that he didn’t have candy when the other child insisted that he did.  I checked for myself and discovered the hidden candy.  The brother who told the truth said, “God sees everything.  He can see me in my pajamas.”

To Have Faith Like A Child

Tonight the boys had a lot of fun playing with glow-sticks that were given to them by friends.  I think the glow-sticks were more entertaining then the fireworks display.  On the way home, we discovered that one of the glow-sticks had broken.  Our one son managed to then rub some of the dye in his eyes.  Thankfully, we were home so we carried the crying child inside and for the next 20 minutes rinsed his eyes.   (I called the poison control center, and we followed their advice.)

As were were soaking Drew in the tub, Jonathan was trying to explain why it was important to rinse out Drew’s eyes.  To emphasize the importance of this, Jonathan was stressing that Drew could go blind.  Drew then said, “Well, Jesus could make me better.  We just learned about how Jesus made a blind man see.”