Our boys have been taken swimming lessons for the past two weeks.    It’s been exciting to see how quickly they are developing new skills!  Their instructor has been pretty impressed.

Will has said the cutest things while swimming, “Look, I can swim!  I can see underwater.  It’s like being under the sea.”

Acting Career!

All of our boys have wonderful imaginations.  Case in point tonight, I came into the bedroom and asked Drew what he was doing (he was supposed to be getting ready for bed).  He said, “I’m Jesus on the cross.”  He had laid his pajamas out on the floor in the shape of the cross and then laid down on top of them with his arms spread out and his one foot was on top of the other.  I said, “Oh, okay.  Time to get ready for bed.”  Drew said, “Now, I rose from the dead,”  as he proceeded to sit up and then get dressed.  (He was lying in just his undies at this point.)


Our family recently went on vacation with my extended family.  We had a marvelous time with everyone and got to see and do a lot too!  I asked the boys what their favorite parts were, and they said the following:

Will: “Swimming”

Drew: “Climbing the tower.”

Luke: I can’t remember what he said so I will have to ask tomorrow as he is sleeping right now.

Some interesting things the boys said while we were on vacation are the following quotes:

Will: “Why do we have to go?  Did people run out of clothes?”

Luke:  (as I was tucking him into bed one night) “Where’s daddy?”  Me: “He’s here.”  Luke: “No, he’s not.  He’s on vacation.”  Luke then held up a toy and asked, “What’s this?”  I said, “A motorcycle.”  Luke responded, “No, it’s a car.”  He held it up again and asked, “Is this a car?”  I replied, “No, it’s a motorcycle.”  Luke responded again with, “No, it’s a car.”

Luke and Daddy

Luke is definitely a “daddy’s boy” when it comes to bedtime routines.  The norm is that I put the older boys to bed, and Jonathan puts Luke to bed.  As a result, they have really bonded.  Last night as I was preparing Luke for bed he said, “I need daddy.  I want to talk to him.”  Tonight as I was once again preparing him for bed he said, ” I want to give daddy a kiss on his lap.”  I asked him, “You want to give him a kiss on his lap?”  Luke replied, “Uhm … on his nose.”