More Funnies…

Here are few things the boys said recently:

Will: “Sometimes, people cry because they are so happy to go to the beach.”  (This was said as we were heading to the beach.)

Will: “Why is everyone itchy?”  Jonathan: “Everyone isn’t itchy.  Are you itchy?”  Will: “Yes.”

Amy: “Drew, why did you keep running (at the beach)?”  Drew: “Because I need to get my exercise.”

Will: (as he was playing with his toy cows) “We have ‘ud-der’ cows.”  This was his exact pronunciation for other, sounded funny within the context of what he was saying.


Yesterday, I experienced a small glimpse perhaps of what the future may hold.   I kept slicing cheese for Jonathan’s lunch, and every time I turned around the plate was empty.  The boys kept slipping in and stealing the cheese.  I was imagining what it will be like when they’re teens.  Two fridges, here we come!

L-Son’s Language Abilities

L-Son is saying more and more words.  I don’t know that I can recall all that he says, but he says at least the following:

“What’s this?”

“No.”  “Yes.” “Stop.” “Hi.”  “Hello!” “Bye-Bye!”  “Ball”,  “Duck”,  “Dog”,  “Bah-Bah” for bottle, “Cat”, “Door”, “up”, “down”, “book”, “bunny”, “Will”, “Dew” for Drew, “Daddy”, “Mommy”, “mine”, “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “shoe”, etc…

Coming To An End…

I find myself feeling very sentimental when I think about the fact that Will’s last day at pre-school is this Thursday.  I can clearly recall his first day of school, and I can’t believe we are now facing his last day.  Will has so loved his school, and it has been good for him!  We both are very sad that it is ending — especially since he won’t be back next year, it appears.

Mommy Moment

Sunday evening, I had one of those “mommy moments.”  I was packing my husband’s lunch for the next day and happened to glance inside his lunch bag.  I erupted into laughter when I saw that I had packed a baby bottle of milk into his lunch bag.  I could only imagine what he would have thought if he had found it the next day.