Yesterday, Jonathan told me a story that made me thank God for His protection.  Jonathan was driving home from work when he felt that the Lord was telling him to be careful.  The thought then came that he was to stop for gas.  He knew he didn’t need gas — had more than 1/2 a tank, and he always goes to BJ’s for gas.  He followed the warnings though and exited.  Just as he was exiting, he heard a huge crash and saw debris and smoke plume.  The accident occured right where he would have been if he hadn’t exited.  He showed me on the internet where you could still see an accident on traffic.com.  I am so grateful for God’s protection!

Country or City?

Today as the boys and I were enjoying working outside, Will said, “It’s nice to be out in the country.”  I guess we do have our own bit of “country” with a nice yard, gardens, and even some vegetables and herbs.  My gardens aren’t amazing, but I do enjoy them.  I just added another 28 plants — thanks to a friend.

Chicken or Child?

Today, I traveled all over the place with the boys.  One of our stops was to Greencastle, PA to get flowers from a friend (at least 27 plants).  As we were getting ready to leave, I called Will to come.  He didn’t come when I called, but I knew it was a losing battle if I chased him down while trying to corral Drew and hold Luke.  So, I got the two younger boys buckled into their carseats and then went after Will.  (Don’t worry. The car doors were open, and my friend was nearby.  Plus, we were in the country.)  I went looking for Will and found him in the chicken coop.  Mind you that there is no door to get into the chickens’ enclosed “yard” but through a tiny trap-door like opening.  I called Will, but he would not come.  What is a parent to do if their child won’t obey, and the parent has to leave but can’t get their child?  Ugh!  Will knew he was going to get into extra trouble for not coming when called, but that would not deter him.  He thought it was great; he was out of Mommy’s reach and playing with the chickens.  Mommy disagreed…  Thankfully, my friend is tinier than I am so she was able to wiggle her way through the chicken’s door and retrieved my son for me.  Mommy was glad to her son back…  The rest is in the past, thankfully.  We wound up late for lunch at my cousin’s.

On a more positive “vein,” my sons do have their good days too.  While visiting with friends, Will sweetly told my friends the following things: (I did not prompt him.  He said them on his own.) “Thank you for having us to your house.  Thank you for coming to our house.  Thank you for letting us visit with you!”  He can be such a sweetheart and something else altogether…  I am learning more and more about God’s patience towards me.  His is much greater!

June 20, 2008

I was thinking about the date yesterday, and it struck me that never again will there be a June 19, 2008!  That thought propels me to think of how I spent my day and whether I made it “count.”  Well, today so far has been busy — for me that is.  I finally folded the two loads of wash sitting on my chest upstairs.  (Laundry is non-stop around here, and it’s hard to keep up…)  I remade my guest beds in time for more company this weekend.  I took the boys outside to play and invited neighbors to join us.  When they left, the boys and I worked on weeding and planting five plants and then watering the plants.  I was happy that I got a lot of weeding done.  The boys had fun and were able to use up some of their energy in a positive fashion.  Tonight, we watch friends’ kids so my day will stay busy.  Time to attend to a fussy baby…

Mommy Dream Day

Yesterday, I had a “dream day,” given by my mom.  She came here at 9:30 a.m. and left a little after 10:00 p.m.  She watched the boys so that I could run to the American Beauty Academy in Baltimore for a $12 pedicure and then to the doctor’s.  I came home for a late lunch and to nurse the baby.  Once Jonathan got home from work, we were able to watch Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  We both really enjoyed the movie and time together.  What a relaxing day!  It was also a great encouragement to hear that my children were well behaved, used excellent manners, and expressed gratefulness to their “Nana.”  Knowing the kids had a good day made my day even better!!!  Thank you, Mom!

Brother Folly & Brother Foolish

On Tuesday evening, friends of ours watched our boys so that Jonathan and I could have a date.  We exchange babysitting with them once a month.  We wound up spending the last part of our date night cleaning up a huge mess the boys had made.  Our friends cleaned the majority of it up, and it took them half an hour.  While our boys were supposed to be sleeping, they were quietly running around getting into things.  Our boys had dumped bottles of lotion, bath gel, shampoo, and toothpaste on our friends’ carpet.  They had also gotten into the stash of party favors for their daughter’s birthday party this weekend.   They had eaten the candy and messed up the toys.  Plus, they had pulled out clothes from the closet.   Our friends were just a little shocked by the devastation produced from two little boys.

L-Son’s Largest!

Yesterday, I took L-Son to the doctor’s for his six-month apt.  His stats. are the following:

Weight: 19 pounds, 14 ozs.

Height: 27 inches

Head Circumference: 18 1/2 ins.

L-Son weighed the most and has the largest head, but his height is the shortest of the boys.  I think he takes after my side of the family more.

W1’s stats. at the same age were:

Weight: 18 pounds, 12 ozs.

Height: 27 3/4 ins.

Head Circumference: 17 3/4 ins.

D-Son’s stats. at six months:

Weight: 19 pounds 10 ozs.

Height: 28 ins.

Head Circumference: 17 1/2 ins.

Body Blooper

As I was putting Drew down for a nap, he started pointing to my face and naming my facial features.  He said the following, “Eye, nose, mouth, another eye, another nose…”  I stopped him and said, “Silly!  Mommy doesn’t have another nose — just one.”  These are the times you have to LOL.  🙂

Stuck Sons

Both Drew and Luke have some silly ways of getting themselves stuck.  I told my doctor about Luke’s way, and she just laughed.  Luke rolls over and sticks his legs through the crib rungs.  His legs are then too fat to get them unstuck on his own.

Drew likes to buckle himself into his high chair, but then he yells for me to get him down.  The silly thing is that he turns around and does it over and over again.  Each time, yelling that he wants down.  Uhm…  Has to make you wonder…