Candy Wrapper

Yesterday, Jonathan found a candy wrapper underneath the boys’ bed.  He asked Will how it got there.  Will said, “Maybe, it hopped up the stairs.”  Jonathan said, “Wrappers don’t hop up the stairs on their own.”  Will said, “Maybe, a bug got in the wrapper and hopped it up the stairs.”  Uhm, was the “bug” a little boy?

Getting Attention

The other day,  I was on the phone.  All of a sudden in the middle of my conversation, the phone line went dead.  I glanced over and realized the cause.  Luke didn’t like not having my attention at the time so he had unplugged the telephone.  I could tell it was fairly deliberate since he had come and tugged on me to get me to play with him.  I had tried to get him interested in his toys, but he wanted Mommy too.  He definitely got my attention.


I was just commenting today to Jonathan regarding some personality differences with our boys.  Jonathan said I should blog about them for future reference or comparison.  Anyway, Drew seems to enjoy and not mind playing by himself for hours.

Luke on the other hand hates to be playing by himself.  He is happy so long as his brothers are around.  It’s not even enough to have just Mommy and Daddy around.

Will also can play by himself, but he hates to play outside by himself and will often sit down on the ground to wait for Drew to join him.

Letter Recognition

Will is starting to recognize his letters now, which is exciting to me.  The other night, I was reading a book about tools and asked Will to name each tool.  He did, and I was amazed at the tools of which he knew the names.  When we got to nuts and then bolts.  He said, “bolts” with a strange pronunciation which made me think he was trying to sound it out on his own.  I asked him if he was trying to read it, and he said “yes.”  So, I asked him what each letter was.  Without hesitation he said, “B, O” and then had some difficulty with the other letters.  I then asked him what other letters were.  He was able to name a few without help.  This is the start to reading!

“She’s Cute”

On Thursday when the Drew, Luke, and I were getting ready to leave the library to join Will for his Trike-A-Thon, Drew pointed to a lady and said, “She’s cute!”  I thought it was hilarious and told the mom.  She was pretty pleased and said how adorable Drew was.  I think Drew made her day.  🙂