Talking More

Luke continues to expand his vocabulary.  We love to hear his cute, sweet voice say words that are “new” to him.  Here are some of the latest things he says:

Me: “How are your shoes?”

Luke: “My shoes filthy.”

Me: “Luke, where are you?”

Luke: “Right here!”

Jonathan: “Luke, can you get dressed?”

Luke: “I can’t.”

Me: “Luke, where’s your cup?”

Luke: “Right there.” (as he points to it)

[As we are getting ready to leave my parents’ house…]  Luke: “Take it!  Take it!” (as he points to the diaper bag; he was very concerned we were going to forget it.)


Today as I was reading another version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, when we got to the part where Papa Bear and Mama Bear complained that someone sat on their chairs and laid in their beds, Will asked, “How did they know she sat on the chairs and laid in the beds?”  I responded, “Good thinking, Will!  I was thinking the same thing.  Maybe, they saw the covers were messed on their beds.”   (The picture didn’t show any evidence for her having been in their beds or chairs so his question was understandable.)


We’ve been really emphasizing sharing with the boys.  Today as Luke and I were in the waiting room while the older boys were in speech therapy, Luke came to me and said, “She’s not sharing.”  (This was referring to another little girl in the room.)  He is definitely expanding his vocabulary!

They Are Growing Boys

Jonathan and I measured the boys last night so we could see how tall they were.  Here are their current heights:

Will is 47 inches tall.

Drew is 40 1/2 inches tall — taller than Daddy was at age 4.

Luke is either 35 3/8 inches tall or 36 3/8 inches tall.  The nurse said the higher measurement, but I think she forgot to subtract an inch (She started from the 1 inch mark.).

Either way, the boys are all really growing — taller than their daddy was at their respective ages and definitely taller than mommy was.

Sunday School

On the way home from church, Jonathan and I were delighted to hear Will and Drew discussing their Sunday school lessons.  Will was asking Drew what he’d learned and then Drew was explaining the lesson to Will.  What an encouragement to know that our kids are learning truths for life!

Picking a Wife

Last night after spending time with a bunch of friends, Will turned to us in the van and said, “Mommy and Daddy, I was just thinking about who I should pick for a wife when I am a man.”  Jonathan replied, “Oh, yeah, and what is she like?”  We both grinned when we heard that he had a specific person in mind.  We both encouraged him that Will could pray for his future wife, whoever she might be.  We also encouraged him that God had someone special just meant for him, if God wanted Will to marry.  I guess I better start praying more regularly for my future daughter-in-laws, Lord-willing.