Chicken or Child?

Today, I traveled all over the place with the boys.  One of our stops was to Greencastle, PA to get flowers from a friend (at least 27 plants).  As we were getting ready to leave, I called Will to come.  He didn’t come when I called, but I knew it was a losing battle if I chased him down while trying to corral Drew and hold Luke.  So, I got the two younger boys buckled into their carseats and then went after Will.  (Don’t worry. The car doors were open, and my friend was nearby.  Plus, we were in the country.)  I went looking for Will and found him in the chicken coop.  Mind you that there is no door to get into the chickens’ enclosed “yard” but through a tiny trap-door like opening.  I called Will, but he would not come.  What is a parent to do if their child won’t obey, and the parent has to leave but can’t get their child?  Ugh!  Will knew he was going to get into extra trouble for not coming when called, but that would not deter him.  He thought it was great; he was out of Mommy’s reach and playing with the chickens.  Mommy disagreed…  Thankfully, my friend is tinier than I am so she was able to wiggle her way through the chicken’s door and retrieved my son for me.  Mommy was glad to her son back…  The rest is in the past, thankfully.  We wound up late for lunch at my cousin’s.

On a more positive “vein,” my sons do have their good days too.  While visiting with friends, Will sweetly told my friends the following things: (I did not prompt him.  He said them on his own.) “Thank you for having us to your house.  Thank you for coming to our house.  Thank you for letting us visit with you!”  He can be such a sweetheart and something else altogether…  I am learning more and more about God’s patience towards me.  His is much greater!