Alligator or Elevator?

Yesterday while the boys and I were at the store, a child was throwing a temper tantrum.  Will heard it and asked, “Where’s the ‘alligator’?”  I looked at him with disbelief, and asked, “Did you think there was an alligator in the store?”  He said, “Yes.  It was making noise.”  A little later, he asked when we would take the “alligator” to go upstairs.  It was then that I realized he had been saying elevator.  That made a little more sense in a store.  🙂

“Man Stuck…”

Yesterday as I was at attempting to mail packages at the post office with all three boys, Will said, “Why is that man stuck behind the wall?  How can he get out?”  I told him that the mailman is behind the counter so he can help us mail our packages.  Will was still concerned about how the man was going to get out from behind the wall.  🙂