L-Son’s Largest!

Yesterday, I took L-Son to the doctor’s for his six-month apt.  His stats. are the following:

Weight: 19 pounds, 14 ozs.

Height: 27 inches

Head Circumference: 18 1/2 ins.

L-Son weighed the most and has the largest head, but his height is the shortest of the boys.  I think he takes after my side of the family more.

W1’s stats. at the same age were:

Weight: 18 pounds, 12 ozs.

Height: 27 3/4 ins.

Head Circumference: 17 3/4 ins.

D-Son’s stats. at six months:

Weight: 19 pounds 10 ozs.

Height: 28 ins.

Head Circumference: 17 1/2 ins.

Body Blooper

As I was putting Drew down for a nap, he started pointing to my face and naming my facial features.  He said the following, “Eye, nose, mouth, another eye, another nose…”  I stopped him and said, “Silly!  Mommy doesn’t have another nose — just one.”  These are the times you have to LOL.  🙂

Stuck Sons

Both Drew and Luke have some silly ways of getting themselves stuck.  I told my doctor about Luke’s way, and she just laughed.  Luke rolls over and sticks his legs through the crib rungs.  His legs are then too fat to get them unstuck on his own.

Drew likes to buckle himself into his high chair, but then he yells for me to get him down.  The silly thing is that he turns around and does it over and over again.  Each time, yelling that he wants down.  Uhm…  Has to make you wonder…

Mall Mania

Yesterday was another of those “toddler moments.”  I had to take all three boys to Luke’s six-month doctor apt., then to the library to drop off books, then to the mall to get my ring checked, then to Children’s Place to catch their sales on shirts, and then to BJ’s for groceries — all before lunch.  The adventure started at the doctor’s when Luke kept pulling on the paper covering the examining table.  The library was without event since I ran the books to the drop-off.  The mall was another matter.  A certain son of mine decided to take off running through the mall while my jewelry was being checked.  I asked the jewelers to watch my two in the stroller while I took off running after my other son.  Children seem to know that Mommy can’t discipline them as well at the mall so they take advantage of those “moments”.  I quickly caught my wayward son, and he was marched back to his other brothers with a very firm hand of Mommy’s holding his.  His protests fell on “deaf” ears.  BJ’s was another eventful stop with free cookies from the bakery ending in one son crying because the other son had stolen part of his cookie.  That event led to a son pinching the other son.  Ugh!  By this time, I was desperate to get my kids out of the store and into the privacy of our minivan…


Here are a few more recent quotes from the boys:

Will: “Drew, do you want to go to Heaven and hold Jesus’ hand?”

Will: “It makes Mommy, Daddy, and Jesus happy when you obey, Drew.”

Drew: “I don’t think so!”

Will: “I want to hold Drew.” (after Drew hurt himself)