Lotion! Lotion!

Well, my boys figured out team work in getting into mischief.  I put Will in his room to “cool off” so we could then deal with a situation.  In the mean time, Drew and Luke and I were downstairs.  Drew left the family room, and after “hearing” quiet for a few minutes too long for comfort, I went searching for him.  He had removed the gate at the bottom of the stairs and had climbed the stairs.  I found him smearing lotion from our bathroom and slipping the lotion and soap bottles under the door to Will.  Will was then happily squeezing the lotion out on the carpet.  At least their room smells good!

Yesterday Moments

Our family just returned from vacation so I haven’t had the opportunity to blog for a couple of days.  Plus, our internet was down when we got home.  Jonathan fixed it so we are back online.  I wanted to quote a couple of statements the boys made yesterday.

Will and Drew: “I love you!”

Drew: “Get me tissue to clean this mess up.”

Will: “Please.” (in response to me telling him he needed to ask Drew to share a book with him and not just take it).  Drew: “You may.”

Drew: “I want to get down and eat breakfast.”

Me: “Why are you hiding?”  Will: “Because we love you.”  Uhm…

Will: “Do we have to take a plane to see Jesus?”

Will: “Why did Jesus allow bad men to hurt him?”