Laughs with L-Son Continues

We are half-way through June, and the weeks are flying way too fast.  I am trying to hold onto them, but some days it feels like I am flying the kite of life in a hurricane rather than a gentle breeze.

Speaking of gentle breezes, this past week has been absolutely perfect.  I’ve enjoyed gardening, swinging with the boys, going to a park, relaxing on our hammock, and playing games with the boys.  I wish we had this type of weather all summer or even year.  🙂

Before June is over and I haven’t written a blog, I thought that I would at least share a couple of funnies from our L-Son.

Yesterday evening as I was playing “Memory” with the boys, L-Son kept getting lots of matches.  In response to my telling him that he was doing very well, L-Son said, “I must have my thinking caps on.”

Today L-Son had a little cut on his toe.  He asked me to bandage it.  Prior to cleaning it with Peroxide and putting a Mickey Mouse bandage on it, he asked me if it was going to hurt.  I replied, “Not too much.”  L’s response: “That means it will hurt.” Laughing I told him that he was very smart.

As the Hubs was tucking L-Son in for the night, he saw that L-Son was basically asleep.  Hubs gently called L’s name and asked him if he was awake.  L-Son replied, “If I am talking, I am awake.”

Yes, he is one smart boy. 🙂


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