Daddy Disasters!

Well, my husband has helped me to realize that embarrassing and crazy moments are not just for mommies but for daddies too. 🙂 I got permission from my husband to share about the following events that occurred yesterday.  I laughed heartily when he told me about these events.  (May you laugh too.)

My sweet husband had agreed to stop at Aldis to pick up some groceries for me last evening. On his drive there, he ate a snack of chocolate candies. Some of the crumbs fell on his lap. As he attempted to swipe the crumbs off his lap, they smeared. The worst part about it was that they smeared around the crotch part. He was tempted to just come straight home, rather than stop for the family’s groceries. You can imagine how it looked to have melted chocolate smears around the seat of your pants…  Being a caring husband, he decided to stop at Aldis anyway. Poor guy! Thankfully, no one seemed to be staring.

The second “disaster” happened late last night as my tired husband was preparing for bed. He uses a beard trimmer to keep his goatee neat and tidy. Last night as he was trimming his goatee, he realized too late that he had left off the guard and saw that he had bald patches in his goatee. I laughed and laughed when I saw it this morning! 🙂 He said that he would probably be explaining about it all day with his coworkers. I like him in a goatee, or I would have encouraged him to just shave it all off.

So, Moms, we are not the only ones who have those embarrassing moments! Thanks, Jonathan, for being willing to have me share your stories. It’s nice to have some funny incidents to laugh about. Humor is a very important part of life! I have to remember that more when I feel like pulling someone’s hair out… 🙂

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