A Few Funnies

I promised that I was going to write some of the kids’ recent funnies.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten a few, but here are some quotes that I remember:

Luke: “Mommy, I can’t eat all this food.  It will make my breath smell.”

Luke: “Mommy, I have kangaroo sores.”  (He meant “canker sores.”)

Luke: “Mommy, you can’t eat sugar because it will make you hyper (they hear me say this all the time to them.).”  Me: “Oh yeah?  How will I get hyper?”  Luke: “You’ll laugh a lot.”  (At this point, I “proved” his point by laughing quite a bit.)

Drew: “Mommy, if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned, would we not have to wear clothes?”  🙂

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