Laughs With Luke

Since it’s Luke’s birthday today, I thought that I would share a few funnies from him.  Yesterday, as I was preparing him for the day, he asked me,” Since there will be a new Heaven and new Earth, will there be a new God?”  Yup, he is definitely a deep thinker!  Mind you, he only just turned four!

A funny he said yesterday to me was, “Mommy, Daddy said I can kill a hippopotamus.”  Amongst my chuckles, I replied, “Really?!  Well, make sure you take Daddy with you then.”  I asked Jonathan about it later, and he said that Luke had lots of questions about hippos.  I am thinking that Luke somehow drew the wrong conclusion, but it was funny anyway.

We have had some definite struggles with Luke eating his suppers.  The other night though, I pulled out the dinner from the previous evening and insisted he ate that first before touching anything offered from the current menu.  Luke gingerly bit into the barbecue chicken leftovers and then exclaimed, “I like it!  I really like it!  It’s yummy!”  Jonathan and I laughed and said that’s what we had been trying to tell him.  He just needed to try it.

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