I went upstairs to get the boys up from naps and smelled an odor that alerted me to a problem.  I discovered both boys had pooped — one in the little potty in the room and one in his nap-time diaper.  Both had attempted to wipe themselves by finding where I keep the extra rolls of toilet paper in the laundry room (off their room).  I found them standing on top the wash machine with a pile of dirty toilet paper scattered all over the floor and wash machine.  There was poop on their wall, floor, wash machine, and all over themselves.  One little boy had also peed on the carpet — don’t ask me why.

Ever since, we took the boys shopping for a toy to celebrate the fact they were potty-trained, they started having accidents again.  I am thinking we shouldn’t have given them toys.  We waited to reward them until we saw they had gone for weeks without any accidents.  Now, we are back to daily accidents.  Potty training is so incredibly frustrating and discouraging!

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