So Sweet

Upon seeing Will crying this morning, Luke walked over and gently patted Will.  Luke then reached up to Will’s face, gently touched it, and said, “He’s sa.”

I made a big deal over this, complimenting Luke profusely so that Drew came over and was soon giving Will lots of hugs too.

Not To Gross You Out, But…

Two funnies that Son-W1 recently said regarding potty times:

“Mommy, I get a lollipop too.”  Me: “Why?”  Son-W1: “Because Son-D and I shared the poop [in the potty].”  Me: “I don’t think so.   It can’t come out of both of your bodies.”

Second story:

Me: “Try to go potty.”  Son-W1: “I can’t.  The poop and pee is yelling inside me, ‘I don’t want to come out!  I can’t come out!'”