More Messes…

I entered the boys’ room Sunday morning to prepare them for church and found my son standing on top the wash. machine with a huge mess everywhere.  I had placed our cleaning products on top the wardrobe and on the top shelf of the cupboard (as high as you can get in the laundry room), but he still had managed to reach the products and had poured the bleach, Borax, and Oxyclean all over the floor, washing machine, sink, etc…  What a mess!  I didn’t get it all cleaned until the following day since Sunday was of course a very busy day.

The boys have also figured out how to undue the “hook ‘n eye” locks we have on their doors.  They juggle it long and hard enough until the hooks pop out.  Not cool since that means, I can’t keep them in their room, in the family room, out of the food pantry, out of the bathrooms, etc… if they want.  Boys!!!

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