One of Those Mornings…

Yesterday was one of those mornings that you won’t want to relive.  I had to drive Will to pre-school and then run errands, drive to pick up Jonathan so he could join Will for Donuts for Dads Day, run more errands, return to pick up Jonathan and Will and then take them home.

When I arrived to drop Will off, I saw some dads standing around.  The teacher then asked me if Jonathan was still coming.  I said “yes” and then asked, “It is from 10:00-11:00, right?”  She told me that it was from 9:00-10:00.  Ugh so I realized I had memorized the wrong time for the event.  I decided to quickly call Jonathan on my cell so he could be ready to go when I got home.  (He was at home, studying for his upcoming message.)  I checked my purse, only to find my cell was not there and then realized I had left it on the charger at home.   So, I asked if I could borrow someone’s cell.  I called the house, then Jonathan’s cell, then the house again.  Finally, he picked up (he had been in the shower).  I quickly drove him, Jonathan got in, I dropped him off at Will’s school, then I left for my first errand.  I only had 1/2 an hour total before I had to pick Jonathan up again so we got what we needed at Giant and then I started loading the kids into their carseats.  It was then I realized Luke had lost his shoe in the store.  I couldn’t go back to look for it though since I would then be late to get Jonathan.  So, I picked up Jonathan, dropped him off at home so he could finally study, and then headed back out for more errands before picking Will up from school at 11:30.  First, I went to Ikea to exchange an item.  This worked out, except I didn’t know where the exchange would be so it meant travelling through both floors of the large store (their staff couldn’t help me locate item correctly).

We quickly left there and then went to the post office to return a large box of items.  The challenge was trying to push a double stroller and carry a very large box at the same time.  The box was too large for the stroller.  I put the box on the sidewalk and then returned to lift the stroller onto the sidewalk.  I then managed to wrap my arm around the box. Thankfully it was light, and then I had a lot of difficulty trying to steer the stroller with my left arm into the post office.  Thankfully, a gentleman saw my dilemma and opened the doors for me.  At the post office, there was quite a line of people ahead of me.  Now, I was afraid I would be late for picking up Will.  At this point, I was determined to mail the package because otherwise, I would have to renavigate the doors and sidewalk with the large box again.  With no time to spare, we left the post office and arrived a few minutes late to pick up Will.  I then drove us all home so that Jonathan had the car to leave for work.

I felt exhausted by then but knew I still had half a day left.  The rest of the day was less eventful — just the normal stuff, cleaning up from painting, and priming some more.