Picking a Wife

Last night after spending time with a bunch of friends, Will turned to us in the van and said, “Mommy and Daddy, I was just thinking about who I should pick for a wife when I am a man.”  Jonathan replied, “Oh, yeah, and what is she like?”  We both grinned when we heard that he had a specific person in mind.  We both encouraged him that Will could pray for his future wife, whoever she might be.  We also encouraged him that God had someone special just meant for him, if God wanted Will to marry.  I guess I better start praying more regularly for my future daughter-in-laws, Lord-willing.

One thought on “Picking a Wife

  1. Becki

    Ruthie has decided the specific boy she is going to marry – of course, he’s 9 years older than her. But she announced to him that when they are married, they’ll need lots of stuff like pots and pans. Too funny. I’m surprised the boy didn’t die from embarrassment.

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